Linaro Consumer Group (LCG) AOSP Information Library

The LCG AOSP wiki pages provide information about our Android Open Source Project related activities and how to keep in contact with us. Note some of the links might require a login and are only available to Linaro members - for information on becoming a member, please contact Joe Bates at

AOSP Dev Board Reference Information

These are links to information about how to use the following devices with Android.

Reference Builds

Linaro creates a set of reference builds that involve various parts of AOSP for various uses. We test kernels, we integrate technologies like OPTEE and of course we do our own development too.

If you are interested in pulling down an image that you can install on one of the dev boards that we use and want to avoid compiling your own, feel free to download an image from

Kernel Regression Testing


We welcome feedback on our engineering efforts and ask you do to so by attending Linaro Connect, via or join us on the #linaro-android channel on OFTC. You may open a bug being report via We make no representations that a reported bug will be fixed or how fast it might be addressed. Member input weighs strongly in these considerations.

Collaborate with LCG

In addition to this wiki, we use various mailing lists, IRC, and to communicate.

You can use the web or your favourite IRC client.

LCG Reference Library

We maintain a library of howtos, past presentations and other useful reference material.

About Us

The Linaro Consumer Group direction is set by LCG Steering Committee. Our work is performed by a talented group of engineers distributed around the globe.

In LCG there are subteams which work on AOSP, ART, and the Linux Kernel.

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