AOSP on DragonBoard 845c

Getting started with db845c

Learn about your DragonBoard 845c board as well as how to prepare and set up for basic use from 96boards db845c getting started page

Make sure you are running AOSP (ptable compatible) bootloader on db845c. Latest bootloader binaries (build #97 and above) are hosted at

For flashing instructions checkout 96boards db845c board recovery page


You can also update bootloader binaries by running flashall script, which is part of installer package of db845c AOSP build target. Boot in fastboot mode and run following command from your HOST machine:

   1 git clone
   2 cd dragonboard/installer/db845c/dragonboard-845c-bootloader-ufs-aosp/
   3 ./flashall

Install pre-built AOSP images on db845c

Linaro create daily AOSP build for db845c that user can download, flash and boot from. If you are interested in prebuilt AOSP images for db845c and want to avoid compiling your own, feel free to download boot.img, super.img, vendor_boot.img and userdata.img from

Flash downloaded AOSP images by running following commands, while booted in fastboot mode:

   1 fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
   2 fastboot flash super super.img
   3 fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img
   4 fastboot flash boot boot.img

Compile AOSP from sources for db845c

1. Download the AOSP source tree and build db845c-userdebug build target:

   1 repo init -u -b master
   2 repo sync -j`nproc`
   3 ./device/linaro/dragonboard/
   4 source ./build/
   5 lunch db845c-userdebug
   6 make -j`nproc`

2. Install:

Boot db845c into fastboot mode by following and run following command:

   1 ./device/linaro/dragonboard/installer/db845c/

You can also perform QDL board recovery by running following script after booting db845c in USB flashing mode

   1 ./device/linaro/dragonboard/installer/db845c/

Building the kernel for db845c

The Preferred option is to build Dragonboard db845c Android GKI kernel artifacts using official Bazel build. Run following commands to clone the kernel source, prebuilt Android toolchains and build scripts.

   1 mkdir repo-db845c
   2 cd repo-db845c
   3 repo init -u -b common-android-mainline
   4 repo sync -j`nproc`
   5 tools/bazel clean
   6 tools/bazel run //common:db845c_dist

Now delete all the objects in $(AOSP_TOPDIR)device/linaro/dragonboard-kernel/android-mainline/ then copy build artifacts from out/db845c/dist/ to $(AOSP_TOPDIR)/device/linaro/dragonboard-kernel/android-mainline/

If you want to properly test the GKI kernel, you should grab the latest kernel_aarch64 build here:

and under artifacts, download the Image.gz and copy it to $(AOSP_TOPDIR)/device/linaro/dragonboard-kernel/android-mainline/

Then rebuild AOSP using:

   1 make TARGET_KERNEL_USE=mainline -j`nproc`

Need some help?

In addition to this wiki, we use various mailing lists, IRC, and to communicate.

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