Release Notes for ARM Member Builds

Where are they?

The ARM Member Build release notes are stored in a GIT repository:

Branching Strategy

The release notes for each release lives in a specific branch for that release. For example, the 14.06 release notes are on the "14.06" branch, 14.07 release on the "14.07" branch, and so on.

This prevents newer updates from being sync'd to an older release.

After a release has been made, the repostory should move to the new tag in preparation for next month's changes. Any retrospective changes can then be added to the old branch for that specific release.

How to submit changes to the repository

Authorised users can just submit changes directly to the repository in the normal way.

Below is an example workflow.

Clone the Repo

git clone ssh://
cd member-builds

Create a branch to work on

In this example, the 14.06 release has just finished and we wish to start work on the 14.07 release.

First, create a 14.07 branch based on 14.06:

git branch 14.07 14.06

Then checkout the 14.07 branch:

git checkout 14.07

Make some changes

Use your favourite editor to make some changes. For example, I often edit all the release notes for a specific build at once, like this:

gvim -p members/arm/openembedded/juno-lsk/*

Commit your changes

Use "git add" to add any files you've changed. As this is a small repo, I find it's often easier to commit all changed files in one go.

To list your changed files:

git status

To see the diff you've created:

git diff

To add a specific file, eg:

git add members/arm/openembedded/juno-lsk/README.textile

To add all changes files:

git add --all

To perform a commit

git commit -s

To perform a commit whilst adding all changed files:

git commit -s -a

Review any changes you've submitted

Use "git log" to get a list of the commits to the repo. Use "git show <commit id>" to see the details of a specific commit.

You can use a nice GUI app like qgit or gitk to see the commit in the repo. The will even allow you get make new commit and so on without having to resort to the commandline.

Push your changes to the repo on

Pushing in this scenario is simple

git push origin <branch name>

How to update the release notes on

There are two ways to get the release notes from the GIT repo to the release server, either:

Either way, it's Koen who handles the releases, with Fathi as the fallback.

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