Linaro 11.11

  1. Work on Linaro Toolchain adoption by Android
  2. Android kernel with first upstreamed bits by linaro
  3. Common kernel tree for all partners with Landing Teams

Linaro 11.05

  1. Setup build environment of android for Linaro
  2. Proof toolchain improvements to Linaro
  3. Android 2.3 on top of latest Kernel with Linaro patches
  4. Support 2+ partner boards out of box
  5. Optionally allow distribution of proprietary hardware enablement bits separately (e.g. hwpacks)
  6. Infrastructure, Code and Process for git

  7. A cloud hosted and replicable /Specs/LinaroAndroidBuildInfrastructure

  8. Develop the /Specs/LinaroAndroidTestsuiteFramework

  9. Build and Benchmark Android 2.3 using /Specs/LinaroAndroidToolchain

  10. Android 2.3 with up-to-date Kernel + Linaro patches: /Specs/LinaroAndroidKernel

  11. Ship images for selected /Specs/LinaroAndroidSupportedBoards

  12. PoC integration in validation/benchmark farm
  13. Establish Requirements for adoption of Android Platform builds

  14. Linaro Contribution Workflow and Infrastructure

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