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Linaro Linux kernel

Maintenance of the current Linaro kernel tree is described in details here.

During our first development cycle based on the 2.6.35 cycle, we did some minimal releases in the form of tags in our git repository.



Announce and Tag

11th August 2010

features linaro_merge_100811

17th July 2010


features linaro_merge_100716

12th July 2010


features linaro_merge_100712

16th June 2010


features linaro_merge_100616

This tree was also integrated into Ubuntu in the linux-linaro source package.

What's on

  • DeviceTree

    • we're integrating in progress DeviceTree patches and extending coverage in SoCs

    • Currently supported: Freescale i.MX51 (Babbage only), ARM Versatile
    • In progress: Freescale i.MX31, Freescale i.MX53, Texas Instruments OMAP3 BeagleBoard, Samsung Exynos4

    • U-Boot support
  • Review of BSPs: we're reviewing some publicly available BSPs for upcoming SoCs as to determine where the pain points in getting these BSPs upstream will be, and scheduling new infrastructure/architecture work in the kernel

  • RCU priority boosting: avoid memory congestion situations on systems with a small amount of memory

What's next

  • Barebox: we'd like to discuss the ideas behind Barebox
  • Android: the ARM BSP world is split in Android-based and not-Android-based trees; we'd like to see how we can support Android, and how we can avoid the maintenance of two trees for Android and non-Android cases
  • Graphics: come up with recommendations on memory management and kernel interfaces
  • UEFI: discussing its support

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