Ubuntu Accelerated Build on Arndale board

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For getting accelerated video playback, following components need to be installed.

  1. MALI libraries
  2. SECOMX (Samsung OMX plugins) libraries
  3. Gstreamer components

The binary package can be downloaded from here. <LINK>

Preparing micro-SDHC card with ALIP image

Following binaries were used for setting up an ALIP image on micro-SDHC card.

Installing linaro-image-tools

You would need to install linaro-image-tools to flash these binaries. The following commands will add the Linaro tools ppa to your system and install linaro-media-create:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install linaro-image-tools

Flashing micro-SDHC card

Connect the micro-SDHC card to the host PC using a card adapter. Flash the micro-SDHC card using following command.

$ sudo linaro-media-create --dev arndale --mmc /dev/sdc --hwpack <hwpack> --binary <fs-image>

(Assuming the micro-SDHC card is detected as /dev/sdc)

Installing H/W acceleration components on board


MALI components are distributed only in binary.

  • . Copy libmali.so to /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf
  • . Prepare symlinks libEGL.so.1, libGLESv1_CM.so, libGLESv2.so, libGLESv2.so.2 by linking them to libmali.so

The armsoc driver can be either built and installed from source <link>. Alternately, it is provided in binary form also.

  • . Copy armsoc_drv.so and armsoc_drv.la to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
  • . Update /etc/X11/xorg.conf to use armsoc driver.

Section "Device"

Identifier "Configured Video Device"

Driver "armsoc"



SECOMX components are distributed only in binary.

  • . Copy all the libraries to /usr/local/lib
  • . Copy secomxregistry to /etc/secomx (create /etc/secomx if it is not there)

GStreamer Components

The compatible versions for GStreamer packages are hosted on git.linaro.org.

  • . Clone the source packages from these locations.

git://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/samsung/gst/gstreamer.git git://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/samsung/gst/gst-plugins-base.git git://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/samsung/gst/gst-plugins-good.git git://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/samsung/gst/gst-plugins-bad.git git://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/samsung/gst/gst-plugins-ugly.git git://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/samsung/gst/gst-omx.git

  • . Configure, make and install the above source trees in the above order.

$ ./autogen.sh --disable-gtk-doc && make -j2 && sudo make install

  • . Copy gst-omx config file.

* sudo cp gst-omx/config/secomx/gstomx.conf /etx/xdg

Install Script

Boot the board. Download and untar the package and run install.sh. This would install the required dependencies, download the gstreamer sources, build and install them.

$ wget <download link>

$ tar xfz arndale_member_build_package.tar.gz

$ cd arndale_member_build_package.sh

$ bash install.sh

Testing accelerated video playback

You can test the accelerated video playback through following command.

$ gst-play <filename>

PS: As there is no audio support right now, you would only get the video output.


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