To remotely SSH to a D01 board in LAVA lab, you should follow these steps:


  1. Launchpad ID is required.
  2. In your local machine, add these lines into your ~/.ssh/config

            User <>
  3. To be able to ssh onto the board, need an account in LAVA lab, so you can ssh into the cambridge lab ( Please ask HiSilicon Landing Team for help.

Now you can start

  1. submit a hacking-session job to D01 board. An example job definition is here:
  2. In the job definition, change:
    • in "deploy_linaro_kernel"'s "parameters" section, change the image file URLs to the ones where you uploaded your test images. Alternatively, you can use Linaro snapshot builds. The example in step 1 is using the 'latest' version of CI daily build.
    • pub SSH key to your own. Find this part PUB_KEY
    • timeout value to how long do you plan to use this board, in seconds. Eg. 18000, means 18000 seconds
  3. Submit the job here:

  4. so once the lava job runs, it will output to the log file when the hacking ssh session is ready and the ssh command to use, you can then ssh from our gateway onto the board. Something like this:

     Please connect to: ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@ (linaro-server)
    • Note: it takes time. Because currently LAVA job is booting from NFS rootfs, it takes about 20+ minutes to download/install packages required. Be patient.
  5. Now, you can ssh to the D01 board. Two steps:
    • 5.1) SSH to, use '-A' to enables forwarding of the authentication agent connection. (Or you can upload your ssh key to the router)

         $ ssh -A

      5.2) SSH to the board, use the command mentioned in above log. Eg:

         $ ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@

That's it.

Cancel in the middle

Saying you want to cancel your hacking session in the middle so the board are freed and can be used by other jobs, try this:

  1. Goto your job's 'Summary' page (left side, under 'Views'). Like this:

  2. In Left side, find 'Cancel' button under 'Job Actions', click it.

Another way to cancel the hacking session is this: type stop_hacking at the SSH shell prompt. Thanks to Charles Baylis <> to let me know this.

   $ stop_hacking

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