ST-Ericsson Snowball

This page is intended to be a starting point for most Linaro-specific information on ST-Ericsson board


The main place for general SnowBall information is:

For flashing a SnowBall, for instance to be able to boot from microSD, please look at:

There is also good quick start documents for both Linux:

and Android:


The current stable Linux image for the SnowBall is :

The current stable Android image for the SnowBall is :


To get real time Linaro support the place to ask questions is IRC.


Q. How do I compile uboot from source?

A. This document will show you how.

Q. How do I compile Android from source for SnowBall?

A. Each build has a build script that you can run yourself if you have the required build dependencies.

The script is called and can be found on the build page. The current stable Android image build page is:

The build dependencies are listed here:

Q. The Minicom connection to /dev/ttyUSB0 seams to be a read only boot log. How do I talk with the SnowBall via /dev/ttyUSB0?

A. It is not acturally read only. There is a shell there you may have missed amongst the rest of the output. Minicom's flow control needs setting for it to work properly and appear to be read/write. You need to ensure both software and hardware flow control are disabled. Or use picocom which just works

sudo picocom /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200

Q. If I'm using /dev/ttyUSB0 for minicom/picocom/screen, how do I use Android's ADB?

A. You need to do ADB over TCP/IP. This is documented at:

Q. I can not see anything on the screen connected to the SnowBall. What am I doing wrong?

A. You are not doing anything wrong. You are probably using a HDMI to DVI cable or adapter. Currently this is not handled automatically. You need to manually tell the driver to output for DVI.

echo 2 > /sys/devices/av8100_hdmi.3/hdmisdtvswitch

Q. Android keeps going to sleep. How can I keep it awake?

A. The best way is to grab a wake lock. You can do this on the command line with:

echo coffee > /sys/power/wake_lock

Q. Android stays awake, yet the screen goes blank. How do I keep the screen awake?

A. There is no simple way to do this from the command line, but you can wake it up with:

echo on > /sys/power/state

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