Date of last update: 12 Feb 2019

TI Automation Interface for AM65XEVM

This page captures usage of TI Automation Interface module


* MSP432P401R Launchpad :
* AutomationIface Boosterpack : Check with TI
* 40-pin 0.50MM flex cable
* Micro USB Cable


* Source:
* Flash Util : ( CCS or Uniflash ) 

* Firmware automation_interface_firmwarev03.out

Connecting to Device Under Test

Once MSP432 has been flashed then place AutomationIface boosterpack on MSP432 Launchpad.

Connect flex cable to AutomationIface boosterpack and the Automation Interface connector in the device under test.

If control of bootmode switch is desired then set bootmode dip switch to all zeros to let the automation interface drive the bootmode levels.

Please note that on some device under tests, such as AM654x EVM, the automation interface connector is on the bottom layer of the PCB, hence the flex cable has connectors on opposite planes to match it, see picture below.



The primary users of the automation interface would be test automation frameworks such as VATF and Lava, however, it is also possible to use it from a serial console session.

Open a serial terminal connection to first port on MSP432 USB interface, usually /dev/ttyACM0 (e.g. screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200)

The serial port settings are 115200, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.


auto set dut <DUT type> The automation interface currently support controlling dra71x-evm, dra76x-evm, am654x-evm and am654x-idk boards.

Once a new session is established, users MUST set the type of board connected using auto set dut <DUT type> command, for example:

auto set dut am654x-evm

The command must be sent if type of DUT connected to MSP432 boosterpack changes or if MSP432 is reset or power cycled.

Operations on DUT such as power off/on cycles, warm reset, setting sysboot, power-on reset and measuring power does not affect MSP432 and therefore it is not required to set dut type after using them.

am654x boards remove power from I2C test chips on power off/on cycle, therefore it is recommended to use auto por command to reset then instead of power off/on commands. If power off/on commands are used then auto set dut command must be sent again after power off/on cycle.

Change Sysboot Setting

auto sysboot <setting> This command sets the DUT's bootmode switch.

the bootmode setting is controlled via I2C expanders and the number and each character represents a hex value (4-bits), the less significant bits are also on the right side.

These are the different bootmode settings known to work on am654x* devices: (Note: Ensure bootmode is set to all '000000' by default on evm)

{'mmc'=>'001006', 'uart'=>'00100a', 'eth'=>'000087', 'usbeth'=>'000008', 'usbmsc'=>'000408', 'qspi'=>'000082', 'ospi'=>'000081', 'emmc'=>'00080d', 'emmc_user'=>'000006'}

Measure Power

auto measure power <iter> <delay> This command reads power from all INA226 chips available in the EVM.

<iter> represents the number of samples or iterations to collect.

<delay> represents the number of milliseconds to wait between sample iterations.


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