Disable Automatic Flash Updates

The Versatile Express may automatically overwrite the Linaro images in flash without the following changes.

  • Connect a USB cable to the USB client port (USB-B FlashDrive to PC) on the rear of the unit

  • Plug the USB cable into your host
    • Your host should auto detect the Versatile Express and mount it as a disk drive
  • Navigate to the mounted system and find the config.txt file - it will be in the top level directory
  • Make the following changes/additions to the config.txt file using a text editor

TOTALIMAGES: 0xA                 ;Number of Images (Max : 32) <Add 4 to the value that was here>
NOR6UPDATE: NONE                 ;Linaro images updated manually
NOR6ADDRESS: 44000000            ;Image Flash Address
NOR6NAME: u-boot-linaro          ;Image Name
NOR6FILE: \SOFTWARE\u-boot-linaro ;Image File Name

NOR7UPDATE: NONE                 ;Linaro images updated manually
NOR7ADDRESS: 44100000            ;Image Flash Address
NOR7NAME: uImage-linaro          ;Image Name
NOR7FILE: \SOFTWARE\uImage-linaro ;Image File Name

NOR8UPDATE: NONE                 ;Linaro images updated manually
NOR8ADDRESS: 44800000            ;Image Flash Address
NOR8NAME: uInitrd-linaro         ;Image Name
NOR8FILE: \SOFTWARE\uInitrd-linaro ;Image File Name

NOR9UPDATE: NONE                 ;Linaro images updated manually
NOR9ADDRESS: 47F80000            ;Image Flash Address
NOR9NAME: U-Boot-Linaro-Env      ;Image Name
NOR9FILE: \SOFTWARE\u-boot-e-lin ;Image File Name
NOR9LOAD: 0                      ;Image Load Address
NOR9ENTRY: 0                     ;Image Entry Point

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