This is a set of guidelines to help you create and maintain wiki content; refer back to it when you need to update or reorganize the wiki to ensure we're all moving in the right direction.


Root Paths

XXX are we too engineering unit centric and should highlight better the software projects?




  • Don't expect people to find stuff inside engineering unit hierarchies -- either it's a howto or in releases or a project or a download XXX
  • For ease of reference, personal pages go directly on the root
  • Releases should hold only numbered releases hierarchies

  • Organizational units should go under Platform and WorkingGroups, depending on their type.

  • EngineeringTeam

  • Nothing apart from personal pages and the paths above should go directly on the root!



  • TechnicalTopicsAD
  • Rename KernelConsolidation/* finally? - Done by Joey 2011-06-07


  • Do leads agree with the structure above?
  • Do we need to strictly leave compatibility redirects for everything, for main pages only, or for nothing?
  • Can we redirect a whole hierarchy?
  • EngineeringTeam/Foo vs Foo?
  • EngineeringUnits/Management to EngineeringManagement or something else?

  • EventStats? Or Webstats? Data from 2008? Check out PageHits and PageSize

  • Events/Stats? Or Releases/XXX/Stats?
  • Should we ACL the root to avoid more proliferation? Have a Discuss/ or use personal sandboxes?
  • Standing useful links such as LDS Status and others?

  • Platform/UserPlatforms?
  • What about Metrics/ useful, not, keep it?
  • Are we going through with the /Status movement?
  • Keep Middleware/ around?

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