This is a list of conferences involving Java we may consider attending.

Java Language Summit

This is the most technically relevant of the conferences. It hosted by Oracle in their campus in California, near San Francisco. It is specifically for developers working on languages, JVM, compilers.


This is Oracle's Java conference, co-located with "Oracle OpenWorld". It is held in San Francisco USA, in the Moscone centre for a week each September.


A large independent conference mostly in Europe, where all things Java are discussed.


The Free Java Room.

There is a room that is devoted to OpenJDK. The conference presence has its origins in the GCJ project. I (Stuart Monteith) attended in 2017 - where there was lots of good information and people to speak to.

== Apachecon ==

There are lots of projects that are Java-related, but our interest is indirect.

JAX London

JAX has a Java track, but as a whole has a broad remit.

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