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Core Development Management Staff Meetings

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  • Core Development Management Staff Meetings agenda

Meetings Ground Rules

Core Development staff meetings take place through video chat. These are the ground rules applied to our meetings. Feel free to propose new ground rules at the end of the document.. This should be a dynamic document

  • Schedule/agenda
    • Agenda should be ready 12 hours before the meeting.
    • Include agenda in the Appointment so it could be reachable.
    • Add view/edit permission for every attendee. Do not forget about guests.
    • Begin and finish on time
    • Staying on schedule is everyone’s responsibility; honor time limits
    • Follow the agenda.
    • Add notes to the minutes when you are not talking.
  • Participation
    • Make sure your camera, speakers and mic works before joining.
    • Show up and CHOOSE to be present
    • Participate 100%
    • Success depends on participation – share ideas, ask questions, draw others out
    • One speaker at a time
    • Share your unique perspective and experience.
    • Articulate hidden assumptions
    • State your “headline” first, then the supporting information as necessary
    • Ask “what’s possible?” not “what’s wrong”? Keep asking
    • “Yes…and” thinking (not, “Yes…but”)
    • Use plain and simple English. Do not talk for too long, and talk slowly.
    • If you don’t understand what someone is saying, please ask them to repeat it or explain it. You are probably not the only person who doesn’t understand.
    • Make sure you do not cover your mouth/mic when speaking.
    • Check your understanding by asking questions.
    • Listen from the “We” but speak from the “I”
    • Silence is agreement
    • Do not interrupt speaker. Use the chat to get your turn
    • If the quality of your voice, image, etc. is not optimal use the chat and reduce participation to the minimum.
    • Mute yourself by default, specially if you are in a noisy environment or you are going to make noise.
    • Mute others if they are noisy.
    • Stay focused on the meeting.
    • Finish with an overview of the meeting. Outline the conclusion/progress made. Try to finish with a positive message.
  • Attitude
    • Seek common ground and understanding (not problems and conflict)
    • Be positive. Stay open.
    • Speak honestly
    • Critique ideas, not people
    • Speak your truth, without blame or judgement
    • Listen for understanding – inquire (ask) before you advocate (persuade)
    • Be brief and meaningful when voicing your opinion
    • Respect each others’ thinking and value their contributions
    • Disagree without being disagreeable
    • Challenge cherished beliefs
    • Be intrigued by the difference you hear
    • Expect to be surprised. With transformation, expect anxiety
    • Stay out of the weeds and the swamps
  • Other
    • Everything happens through conversation
    • Meaning is in the listener
    • Be aware of meaningless abstraction
    • Whatever is said in the room stays in the room
    • We are happy that everyone is different and thinks differently.
    • If you have any concerns about the ground rules not being respected please speak to the chairperson of the meeting.
    • Have fun!

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