Current Development Focus

The team are working towards the 13.01 Release.

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Previous Actions Recorded

  • Talk with every TL about sharing the git with Android to help with integration - Mounir / Zach - DONE
  • Review the bp's for headline, acceptance and other info - Mounir then report back to LEB leads and TL's - sent a note to all TL's with Blueprint asking for headlines.
  • List of what changed since the last test announcement, when announcing/reminding people to test, so they can emphasis testing the changes if they choose to. Ricardo - DONE
  • test / test-announcement on Monday instead of Wednesday decision to do it on continuous basis is left to Fathi-Asac to agree
  • Ask someone to help with the pre-build images, check them out and make sure they work - Andy will handle.
  • Discuss who will be in charge for doing the release this month, produce the images, relase pages, announcement, etc.. Will cover in this meeting
  • Connect session to go over /educate on the LEB's integration - Ricardo, Tom and Zach


  • Announcement
  • Action review
  • Image Status
  • Bugs
  • Discuss producing the release RC1 & final release


  • Linaro-gcc 4.5 & 4.6 2011.07 are released

  • Linaro-qemu 2011.07 is released

Action item review

  • See above.

Image status

  • Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
  • Build status Android - patrikryd








LEB Ubuntu + Panda on restart crashes the machine


Powering off Panda oopses



imx51evk fails to boot to linux

fix available, Richard Zhao to test



Snowball hwpack missing startfiles.cfg

lee Jones has updated the bug: ST-Ericsson to deliver the startupfiles for click through license on install vs download, l-c-i has the ability to handle

Discuss Creating the Release

Progress Information

Blueprints Review

Team reports

Meeting Minutes

  • Andy has checked the pre-build images, they worked fine.
  • Mounir is the release manager this month, Ricardo is in charge of producing the Ubuntu RC images
  • Release Plan
    1. get the released components integrated today and tomorrow
    2. make tomorrow's build as the RC
    3. do the usual call for testing
    4. if we get bugs fixed, we respin the image
    5. release on Thursday 7/28/2011 if all goes well

Actions from this Meeting

  • WGs is to come up with concrete plans for integration with Android
  • Get every one on Gerritt ???
  • Add pre-build images to this month release, update documents and write howto - Mounir
  • Check disk space requirements for pebuild images and see whether we have space on or
  • Release team to produce pre-build images on a regular basis and place them on the and update the web links accordingly (Andy Doan wrote a small script to do this)

Meeting Log

<mounir> other announcement to share?
<rsalveti> not from my side
<mounir> #topic Previous Action review
<mounir> Talk with every TL about Andorid git integration  - this is done
<mounir> pfefferz, masson, any issue still exist?
<pfefferz> cool, thanks mounir
<pfefferz> mounir, could you be a little more specific?
<mounir> pfefferz, do you still have issues with integration? or that this now behind us?
<pfefferz> mounir, yes, I think the next action item for the WGs is to come up with concrete plans
<pfefferz> mounir, we also need to get everyone on the Gerrit wagon
<james_w> hi
<mounir> hi James_w
<mounir> pfefferz, ok will add these 2 items as actions to follow up on
<pfefferz> thanks mounir
<mounir> next action from last meeting: Review the blueprint for headline ... I have create a spreadsheet to track the blueprint readiness
<mounir> #link
* Dr_Who doesn't have acces
<mansson> You need permission to access this item.
<mounir> masson, I gave tech leads and proj. mangers access, if you don't have access, I will add you after the meeting. 
<mounir> next action List of what changed since last test announcement ... this done thank you rsalveti 
<rsalveti> :-)
<mounir> I think we need to add this scripts to where release management can access and use
<mounir> next topic - test announcement on Monday's, I left this item for asac and fabo to discuss and agree with you on it
<mounir> next action - Asl someone to help on the pre-builds images .... Andy wa kind aenough to accept this, But I don't think he did anything yet
<mounir> s/asl/ask/
<mounir> I also can check it, but I don't have ssh access yet
<mounir> James_w any comment here? did you hear from Andy?
<james_w> he did some testing
<mounir> james_w, was the test ok, or the scripts need some updating?
<james_w> I think everything was fine
<james_w> see the mail from him an hour ago
<rsalveti> guess at least everything is in place
<mounir> james_w, very good, so the plan to publish the images generated by the scripts this release?
<james_w> yes
<mounir> james_w, then we need to update the release page with this info  where and how to use the pre-builds images, correct?
<james_w> yes
<mounir> who will do it? do you have someone to handle?
<mounir> or RM should handle?
<james_w> I think the RM should handle?
<james_w> doesn't the RM do the release announcement?
<mounir> yes - but this is new info, I will take care of it - Do you know where the images will live?
<james_w> no
<james_w> Andy asked about that in his mail an hour ago
<mounir> should we create a directory on
<mounir> and put a link from the web to it?
<james_w> probably
<Dr_Who> hopefully disk space won't be an issue ... releases seems to be fairly tight on space from time to time
<mounir> James_w who will be producing these images on a regular basis?
<james_w> the release team
<mounir> #action Release team to produce pre-build images on a regular basis and place them on the and update the web accordingly
<mounir> #next action from prev meeting: Discuss who will be in charge for doing the release this month ....
<mounir> I will be in charge this month, but I need a lot of help as I have not done it before
<mounir> I have an item in this agenda to discuss what needs to be done. let us jump to this topic now
<mounir> #topic discuss producing the release RC1 and final release
<mounir> so the question what needs to be done 
<Dr_Who> is everything integrated ?
<rsalveti> well, for ubuntu we need to integrate the deliverables and spin the image
<rsalveti> no, kernel is still missing
<Dr_Who> do we have an ETA on that ?
<rsalveti> and the piece that takes a while to build
<pfefferz> for Android all we've got for RC1 is our MM test and updated kernels
<rsalveti> pfefferz: but get you'll need to respin once the kernel is based on linaro-kernel 3.0
<rsalveti> to use the released kernel
<rsalveti> Dr_Who: tomorrow EOD
<rsalveti> I can be in charge of producing the ubuntu RC
<rsalveti> will sync tomorrow with jcrigby to see if we can get all kernel packages in place
<pfefferz> rsalveti, we're already on it, so I'll probably just leave it for the rc
<pfefferz> since we're supposed to be done today
<pfefferz> or is this going to go into the weekend now?
<rsalveti> pfefferz: sure, but then we need wait the kernel to be released :-)
<rsalveti> it's still not tagged and such
<pfefferz> rsalveti, yeah, but jstultz's is already at 3.0
<pfefferz> and so is Andy
<rsalveti> sure, but we should make sure the RC is based on the released artifacts
<rsalveti> unless you'll be updating your stuff later and spining another RC
<pfefferz> rsalveti, since we do CI
<pfefferz> rsalveti, we're always releasing
<rsalveti> pfefferz: sure, but to call the official RC
<rsalveti> so people can test properly and such
<rsalveti> otherwise people can test today, the kernel get rebased tomorrow and new bugs show up
<pfefferz> rsalveti, yeah...but that's the way it goes with CI
<rsalveti> well, if you want to follow it this way :-)
<rsalveti> I'd prefer to have a time for a freeze
<pfefferz> rsalveti, we've been on 3.0 for a week and things are okay
<rsalveti> but it's your call
<james_w> I would assume that we would want our images to be based on whatever is released as linux-linaro 3.0
<rsalveti> james_w: yes
<james_w> if there are no more patches then that will happen for Android anyway
<pfefferz> in CI we track tip
<rsalveti> and that's not yet released
<mounir> pfefferz, we need to disgnate and build to be the RC build then based on the testing release this particular build, not any other
<james_w> if there are new patches then we will want to pull Android forward on to the new tip
<pfefferz> mounir, that's something to bring up with jstultz
<mounir> pfefferz, we cannot have a moving target for the release
<pfefferz> since we track his tip and Andy's tip
<rsalveti> mounir: that's my point
<pfefferz> mounir, its not a moving target
<rsalveti> at least the last week shouldn't be a moving target
<pfefferz> mounir, its the last successful build
<pfefferz> its different in CI
<pfefferz> and on Android
<pfefferz> freezes just waste time
<rsalveti> how CI is not a moving target?
<james_w> right, but we still want our last successful build to be final-3.0-based don't we?
<pfefferz> because we already have the builds, we just choose one as the RC
<mounir> pfefferz, latest succesful build does not mean latest tested build, we cannot take the chance to have a build not tested
<pfefferz> mounir, I test every build that I call a RC
<rsalveti> not only you, but community
<rsalveti> you're not the only one testing it
<rsalveti> that's the point
<pfefferz> rsalveti, sure, look if jstultz rebases I'll do another build...but if it breaks I have my other RC's
<james_w> ok
<pfefferz> look, we need to stop this freezing nonsense
<pfefferz> if wastes time
<rsalveti> why it's nonsense?
<james_w> but that still means that we want to know whether jstultz plans to rebase. If he does then we should hang back on calling in the testing forces until we have a build based on htat
<mounir> pfefferz, we have to have fixed build to release - no continuous integration for a release
<pfefferz> I have builds right now that I can call RC1
<pfefferz> mounir, why not?
<pfefferz> freezing != agile
<pfefferz> CI == agile
<mounir> because we cannot take a chance and be surpriced when we announce to the community and the release breads in way we did not expect
<rsalveti> or having regressions
<pfefferz> but I'm not surprised, because I test every build
<pfefferz> I know what works
<rsalveti> we need something we call  "stable" for a release
<james_w> hang on a minute
<rsalveti> that is properly tested by people
<james_w> you're all talking past each other
<james_w> we want to release next Thursday a well tested image
<james_w> based on the latest and greatest that we can test well
<rsalveti> yup
<mounir> james_w, yes
<james_w> in order to get good test coverage we need to be selective about what we test
<pfefferz> we can't afford a week bake time
<pfefferz> that's crazy with our monthlys
<james_w> we can't have everyone in Linaro test the builds every day
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<pfefferz> I do
<james_w> that's too expensive
<pfefferz> really?
<pfefferz> that's CI
<pfefferz> full auto regression
<rsalveti> are you there yet?
<james_w> but we don't have that yet
<pfefferz> Android does
<rsalveti> if you say you have 100% automated, I'm fine with CI
<pfefferz> I just regress manually
<Dr_Who> well when it's automated in some fashion that's great but are we really there yet ?
<james_w> are you comfortable releasing something that has *only* been tested on LAVA?
<pfefferz> I test my builds and file bugs against my RC's
<pfefferz> I run the tests that LAVA runs
<Dr_Who> james_w: we probably need to get there, but  Ithink that's more of a someday rather than something for next week
<pfefferz> and that's not integrated yet
<james_w> careful about how you are using the term "RC" as it clearly means something different to you as to everyone else in this conversation
<rsalveti> so my impression is that the current community testing against the android images is kind of useless
<Dr_Who> I'd like us to get back on track for what we're doing for next week
<pfefferz> we can't wait for all these freezes, we should pick a point in time and call that a release and test it
<james_w> if you are happy with what LAVA provides then it's not really an issue
<Dr_Who> rsalveti: yeah.  the community is basically me when ti comes to test :-/
<pfefferz> I am at this point, Android is still in bring up mode
<james_w> we don't need to name an RC to request extra testing, we can just pick the latest build
<james_w> pfefferz, that's exactly what we are talking about doing
<pfefferz> james_w, what?
<Dr_Who> so based on the kernel integration discussion earlier that sounds like saturdays' build
<james_w> pfefferz, " we should pick a point in time and call that a release and test it"
<pfefferz> look we were goin gto release on Mon, so I had my iomages availabel on Mon, then it was today, so I have images available for today, now its Mon
<james_w> no
<james_w> we're releasing on Thursday
<pfefferz> I'm talking about the RC
<pfefferz> we should have cut the RC on Mon
<pfefferz> like we said we would
<pfefferz> then filed bugs on things that didn't work
<james_w>  /next/ Monday
<pfefferz> no it was supposed to be this last monday
<james_w> you were just saying that we can't freeze for that long
<Dr_Who> right my saturday comment was more of a "when everything shoudl be integrated observation so sat = sun = mon least from a build content perspective
<pfefferz> exactly, development keeps moving
<james_w> <pfefferz> we can't afford a week bake time
<pfefferz> the rc is just a point in time
<james_w> and now you are proposing 10 days bake time?
<pfefferz> exaclyt
<james_w> the RC should be a point in time close to the release
<pfefferz> we come out with 4 RC releases a month...the last ones the real release
<pfefferz> this is working well for Android
<james_w> it's a testing milestone, so you want to minimize changes after the RC to only release-critical changes
<mounir> pfefferz, while we sigante a build to be the RC, you can contiued developing in parallel, nothing stopping you from continuing
<james_w> otherwise it's not an RC, it's just a tested image that only finds bugs to fix, it doesn't give you a lot of confidence about what you are releasing
<pfefferz> I disagree with you
<james_w> pfefferz, that's a different definition of RC from what is used elsewhere in  Linaro
<pfefferz> but, I'll do what ever
<pfefferz> I'm ready to release an RC anytime
<james_w> what we are talking about that other RC, so don't confuse the two
<pfefferz> I track jstultz's tip, which has been on 3.0 for a week
<james_w> right, and we are asking for that RC to be based on something close to what we want for release at the end of the month
<pfefferz> I pick a build test it against all my targets, share what works and give it to mounir
<mounir> pfefferz, great thank for willing to play along
<james_w> ok
<pfefferz> just tell me when you want the image
<james_w> and how much is expected to change before linux-linaro 3.0 is tagged and released?
<pfefferz> but I don't freeze development
<james_w> that's great
<mounir> pfefferz, no one is asking to freeze development
<james_w> that's what we want to get to
<james_w> but we also want recent images to release
<pfefferz> I'm already there
<mounir> pfefferz, great - so let us agree on a plan
<james_w> we could pick the image built on the first day of the month if we want
<james_w> but we want freshness too
<pfefferz> at some point Linaro will have to bite-the-bullet and embrace CI
<pfefferz> I released 20 Android images every month for 3 years on CI
<pfefferz> we never had a freeze period
<pfefferz> and we got stuff out the door
<james_w> <pfefferz> I pick a build test it against all my targets, share what works and give it to mounir
<pfefferz> right
<james_w> that's exactly what we've been asking for this entire time
<mounir> for this month,   if everything is integrated today ( kernel 3.0 and other component) will designate tomorrow's build as the RC, Correct?
<james_w> we would just like that to be a build based on linux-linaro 3.0 final
<pfefferz> no, you said I need to wait until we have an official linaro-linux
<james_w> yes, we would like that
<pfefferz> james_w, that's what you want for Ubuntu
<james_w> we want to be showcasing the latest and greates technology from Linaro
<pfefferz> james_w, for Android we have a differnent way
<james_w> but you are being asked to do this
<pfefferz> you can talk to asac about it
<james_w> it's not saying "stop doing CI"
<pfefferz> yeah it is
<rsalveti> no, it's not
<james_w> no it's not
<james_w> it's just choosing a later image
<james_w> where possible
<pfefferz> I disagree with both of you...and I don't want to argue
<james_w> if that can't be done due to time then we take an earlier one
<pfefferz> talk to asac
<pfefferz> this whole conversation is silly
<rsalveti> anyway, we can get back at this topic once asac is back then
<mounir> pfefferz, for this month we are going to do the following:
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<mounir> 1) get everything integrated today 
<rsalveti> and tomorrow if the kernel is released late today :-)
<mounir> 2) designate tomorrow's build as RC
<mounir> 3) announce testing on the RC
<pfefferz> ...if it boots
<pfefferz> ...which it didn't last time
<rsalveti> well, then you fix and release another RC :-)
<mounir> 4) if no major issue, next Thursday we will announce tomorrow's build as the release
<pfefferz> here's a counter plan
<pfefferz> we release what works today
<rsalveti> together with the RC announcement we do the call for testing
<pfefferz> we pick up the kernel
<rsalveti> mounir: and we should respin just if we have bugfixes
<pfefferz> then we release the final image on the official kernel
<rsalveti> that's useless from the RC point of view
<pfefferz> rsalveti, I don't think so
<rsalveti> as we agreed that the RC would be based on the released artifacts from the other WGs
<pfefferz> rsalveti, its not useless for Android
<rsalveti> the RC is what would be the release
<mounir> pfefferz,  I am the release manager this month - what  you describe may work in the future, for this month, I thought you agrees to paly along
<pfefferz> there's no such thing as small bug fixes anyway...there all changes
<rsalveti> it's just not the release if there are bugs that get fixed until thursday
<rsalveti> yes, there are
<pfefferz> look, we've already slipped this twice
<pfefferz> my moneys on it slipping again
<pfefferz> but your the RM mounir so its your call
<mounir> rsalveti, ok for respining if we find bugs
<rsalveti> we can discuss for a different plan at connect
<rsalveti> I just don't like changing it one week before the release :-)
<pfefferz> but I don't like being told to have release done, working the weekend to get them done, and all night before thursday to be told that its slipping again
<pfefferz> that is bad management
<pfefferz> we have to stick to the deadline
<rsalveti> pfefferz: why would you work on the weekend at the first place?
<pfefferz> that's the important thing
<rsalveti> as you're doing CI?
<rsalveti> you just need to update the hash of your componenets against the released tags
<pfefferz> because we said we we're going to have images ready on Monday
<rsalveti> get that as RC, ask for testing, fix bugs if necessary and respin the image with the bug fixes
<pfefferz> so I tested all sunday so my images would be ready
<pfefferz> and last night
<pfefferz> mounrir saiud, have your images at the LATEST thursday afternoon
<pfefferz> so I worked the evening to get ready
<pfefferz> now you're slippling again
<pfefferz> so I'll just wait this time
<pfefferz> until you guys decide some aribrary point that isn't going to boot
<pfefferz> this is no way to ship an image
<Dr_Who> pfefferz: if you're running special test just for release, I take issue with that being called CI ... CI doesn't run special tests, it runs all test all the time
<pfefferz> Dr_Who, right...I run the same tests by hand for every release
<rsalveti> for RC we want the usual testing and also more heavy manual testing, supported by the community
<pfefferz> Dr_Who, I do it by hand since I don't have automation
<pfefferz> I'm getting two validation engineers
<pfefferz> and they'll be testing soon
<rsalveti> otherwise community testing is useless for android
<pfefferz> the ANdroid community is different
<rsalveti> anyway, let's get back on track
<Dr_Who> yup
<pfefferz> and the Android community already tested the RC's I sent out on Sunday
<pfefferz> and filed bugs
<pfefferz> so I'm working with the Android community
<rsalveti> so: 1) get the released components integrated today and tomorrow
<mounir> pfefferz, we want Nico to release his kernel which will be base on 3.0 and then we will integrate on top of that kernel
<rsalveti> 2) make tomorrow's build as the RC
<rsalveti> 3) do the usual call for testing
<pfefferz> mounir, well, please talk to jstultz
<rsalveti> 4) if we get bugs fixed, we respin the image
<pfefferz> and andy if you want the LEB
<mounir> rsalveti, that is the plan
<rsalveti> not including features, just bugfixing
<mounir> rsalveti, yes
<mounir> pfefferz, I will talk with John
<rsalveti> and if it all goes well we release on thursday without working all night
<rsalveti> pfefferz: are you fine with this?
<pfefferz> nope
<mounir> pfefferz,  I thought John base his kernel on Nico's kernel not sure what you are referring to
<pfefferz> but mounir's the boss
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<rsalveti> I'm just saying what was agreed at the beginning of this month
<pfefferz> so what ever he says goes
<pfefferz> we also agreed to release things at certain times...
<mounir> rsalveti, plan is the same plan as I have itemized above 
<rsalveti> ok, can we move?
<pfefferz> like I said I don't agree with i, but I'll do it
<mounir> pfefferz, thank you - let us go for it - then
<pfefferz> btw last month, everything got integrated in the last week anyway..we're headed for the same thing
<pfefferz> we're not learning from our mistakes
<mounir> pfefferz, one thing though, John's kernel is based on Nico's kernel no?
<pfefferz> yup
<pfefferz> but he has to uprev, test, etc...
<rsalveti> in theory all lt kernels should be on top of nico's tree
<mounir> pfalcon, so I don't see the issue, whenever Nico release base on 3.0 , JOhn will follow 
<pfefferz> actually...he may not be based on nicos
<pfefferz> John;s been on 3.0 for 2 weeks
<mounir> pfefferz, so I don't see the issue, whenever Nico release base on 3.0 , JOhn will follow 
<rsalveti> pfefferz: sure, but nico has a bunch of new patches at 3
<pfefferz> so I think John's on his own
<pfefferz> since 3.09 was the priority and nico wouldn't move
<rsalveti> everybody should rebase against nico's tree once that's released
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<rsalveti> and the tree is out, so the rebase work can start already
<pfefferz> rsalveti, no
<rsalveti> as andy start doing it
<pfefferz> rsalveti, Iif johns been on his own baseline
<pfefferz> rsalveti, I don't want to switch
<mounir> ok - we are passed the meeting time. I will re-state the plan for the release in the minutes and we will proceed accordingly
<pfefferz> rsalveti, that'll mess up my testing
<rsalveti> pfefferz: but that's how it's supposed to happen
<rsalveti> everybody should be based on top of nico's tree
<rsalveti> that's why we have linux-linaro in first place
<pfefferz> rsalveti, it wa, but 3.0 was more of a priority than a common baseline
<pfefferz> rsalveti, everyone should, but Android has different requriments
<pfefferz> they're both based on
<mounir> pfefferz, Nico's tree has been on 3.0-RCx for a while now - did you know that?
<pfefferz> mounir, well then that's probably what John's based on
<rsalveti> pfefferz: yes, they are, but it shouldn't be a problem to be on top of nico's tree
<mounir> pfefferz, exactly 
<pfefferz> note I said probably
<rsalveti> would be good to check, as nico opened his 3.0 tree this week
<pfefferz> look I'm trying to be difficult, I just don't agree with much of this
<mounir> pfefferz, I think it is - let us circle back with John and make sure we are all in sync - we should be guessing
<mounir> I mean we should not be guessing
<rsalveti> pfefferz: that's why we're probably changing for next month
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<pfefferz> mounir, right, but if he isn't than I don't want him to jump this late in the cycle
<pfefferz> rsalveti, why are we arguing?
<mounir> pfefferz, I bet you lunch that he is :)
<rsalveti> pfefferz: I'm just saying that for this month it's expected that everybody is on top of nico's tree :-)
<Dr_Who> we're 16 minutes over ... what's left ?
<mounir> Dr_Who, any update on the images that we should know about?
<pfefferz> well, Android has a bunch of stuff we're going to try and land before the offcial release
<pfefferz> I've been pushing very very hard
<Dr_Who> mounir: not that I'm aware of ...  and for the purposes of keeping things short for an already long meeting, let's move on
<mounir> ok 
<pfefferz> so like we did last month, alot of things are going to come into android this week
<pfefferz> including bug fixes hopefully
<mounir> pfefferz, very good - any show stopper?
<pfefferz> well, 1.5.1 MLO from Linaro doen't let my beagle xm come up
<pfefferz> on rev C
<pfefferz> so I'm just releasing things with a it works on A3
<pfefferz> unless I can fix it
<pfefferz> or we can fix it
<mounir> ok - 
<pfefferz> I'm also trying to get adb done
<pfefferz> and get a 4.6 LEB wioth a 3.0 kernel landed
<rsalveti> pfefferz: did you report your issue with the x-loader already?
<pfefferz> which will proabably be my weekend project
<mounir> before we adjourn,  how should we engage the Landing team? 
<pfefferz> mounir, ?
<pfefferz> mounir, what do you mean
<mounir> the landing teams should provide their components for us to integrate?
<pfefferz> mounir, that's on going
<pfefferz> like I said we track tip
<pfefferz> there is no delivery
<pfefferz> they are always delivering
<mounir> how about you rsalveti, Dr_Who ?
<pfefferz> the only landing team of note is TI
<rsalveti> mounir: for us we'll be only officially releasing the TI LEB, the others it's the LT responsability to make the hwpack available
<pfefferz> and Andy and I are in lock step
<rsalveti> and tested
<pfefferz> I may try to get the snowball LEB into this release
<pfefferz> but it'll be a preview thing
<rsalveti> mounir: if the hwpack is not there before the release, with the test results, we'll be dropping it
<mounir> rsalveti, so I have to ping the LT's to make the HWpack ready - correct?
<rsalveti> mounir: yes, they know that already, as you can check my integration BP for the lts
<rsalveti> so ping them tomorrow
* pfefferz wants rsalveti to use repo and Gerrit  :)
<mounir> rsalveti, ok - will do
<rsalveti> as they are waiting nico's tree to be released
<rsalveti> probably
<rsalveti> pfefferz: haha, not that easy ;-)
<mounir> that is all I have - sorry the meeting took longer than planned
<pfefferz> next month I'm going to banish the words "waiting for"
<pfefferz> if we are "waiting for" anything we're doing things inefficiently
<rsalveti> pfefferz: that's the problem of having the 3.0 linaro tree available 2 weeks before the end of the month
<mounir> anything else?
<rsalveti> something to discuss at connect
<pfefferz> mounir, it took longer since I was arguing
<pfefferz> rsalveti, right..that why we need to move to tip only development, and pick stable points along the contiumum for testing
<mounir> pfefferz,  no problem all for a good cause
<rsalveti> pfefferz: yup, we should have a stable tree soon I believe
<rsalveti> anyway
<rsalveti> time for lunch, need to run
<rsalveti> thanks all
<mounir> thank you all - have a good one
<rsalveti> looking forward to have such discussions at connect
<pfefferz> aye
<pfefferz> thanks mounir

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