Current Development Focus

The team are working towards the 13.01 Release.

Meeting Calendar

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Previous Actions Recorded

  • List of what changed since the last test announcement, when announcing/reminding people to test, so they can emphasis testing the changes if they choose to. Ricardo - DONE
  • test / test-announcement on Monday instead of Wednesday decision to do it on continuous basis is left to and add what changed from last test announcement(see 1st bullet) Fathi-Asac to agree
  • Ask someone to help with the pre-build images, check them out and make sure they work - Andy will handle. DONE
  • Connect session to go over /educate on the LEB's integration - Ricardo, Tom and Zach


  • Ricardo suggestion to respin
  • Images status
  • Release Announcement and Release noes (known issues)
  • Monthly releases retrospective


Action item review

  • See above.

Image status

  • Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
  • Build status Android - patrikryd








Only half of RAM useable when using Device Tree on Panda board

Linario-media-create: fix commited , u-boot: fix committed



ST-Ericsson Image will not boot with current version of startupfiles
no Linaro images which support flashing onto the board.

Need to add it to Release Notes



for mx51evk board root not found and boot failed to initramfs shell

Release Announcement, Release Notes

MOnthly Release Retrospective

  • Directory structure for releases and snapshots re-structure. See James Tunnnincliff's note.

Progress Information

Blueprints Review

  • Check blueprints targeted for the release for Headline, Acceptance Criteria, etc...

Team reports

Meeting Log

To be added.

IRC Paste Text

[TOPIC] Announcements
[TOPIC] Action item review
[TOPIC] Image Status
[TOPIC] Bugs summary
[TOPIC] Progress Discusion

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