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Techleads meetings: Mondays 5pm UTC and Thursdays 9:30am UTC




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Actions from previous meeting

  • INPROGRESS: Stephen to create a document to host the achievements from last cycle and then pass it to techleads
  • DONE: Vicky to gather more information on Elba (which daugtherboard -- for PM or for CPU use etc., PCI status, graphics drivers, interest in platform enablement)
  • INPROGRESS: Alexander to document the changes to the release cycle for devplatform


  • Andy Green
  • Joey Stanford
  • Kurt Taylor
  • David Rusling
  • Vicky Janicki
  • Deepak Saxena
  • Amit Kucheria
  • Paul Larson
  • Scott Bambrough
  • Ricardo Salveti
  • Christian Reis

Not Present

  • Alexander Sack
  • Angus Ainslie
  • Eric Miao
  • Fathi Boudra
  • Ilias Biris
  • James Westby
  • Jesse Barker
  • Lee Jones
  • Loïc Minier
  • Michael Hope
  • Ricardo Salveti
  • Stephen Doel
  • Zach Pfeffer


  • No progress on Stephen Doel's achievements meeting (Stephen, can you update these notes?)
  • Elba board is a single board called Tuscan
    • Will have a set of drivers
    • Will have a Linaro kernel
    • Tentative delivery is tomorrow (flashing drivers)
    • Using UEFI for strategic reasons
    • PCI is mostly usable for specific memory speeds
    • Not suitable for Lava because of PCI issues
    • David Rusling will carry
    • ACTION: Vicky will email this information to the tech leads
    • Who gets them?
      • Power management, tools and graphics are the appropriate teams, please respond to Vicky's email
        • Power Management team will need to update the firmware once they've completed the port
  • Asac working on the release cycle stuff, move action to INPROGRESS.
    • Move to monthly deliverables
      • source code
      • LEBs
      • Document appropriately
    • Make the blueprints more correct
    • Disconnect the planning cycle from the engineering cycle
      • Planning would lead engineering by a month or so, be done by the team leads and project management
      • Add / queue milestones and deliverables for the next month
      • Discussion of how blueprints relate to milestones relate to requirements
      • Kiko has some concerns about how wide the conversation is going
        • Focus on the practical changes that you wish to make
        • Over doing 'thinking ahead'
      • ACTION: Zach et al to work with Kiko organise discussions with the tech leads on the new process
      • Could discuss this at next week's TSC meeting
  • Good mini-summit last week (Multimedia)
    • Had attendees from ARM, nVidea
    • Difficult two days, very specialised area
    • Kurt and Kiko will send out a summary and a plan
      • Need to schedule a public plan review on the week 27th June 2011
  • Deepak, Zach and Kiko talked a lot about Landing teams, Working Groups etc
    • A lot of interesting problems to solve
    • Is there a deadline to this?
    • The idea that there is more coordination between the Statements of Work, the Landing Teams and the Working groups
    • Outcomes, actions?
    • What help are the landing teams looking for with Android?
  • AOB
    • No

Actions from this meeting

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