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Introduction to Linaro@UDS

The Developer Summits are a key point in our engineering cycle. Every 6 months, we get together to discuss and refine the requirements set prior to the Summit by the Linaro TSC(Technical Steering Committee). We do this by defining a series of Blueprints based on each requirement, and then discussing and planning them out in successively more detail through the week.

For this Developer Summit:

  • We have identified a series of Tracks, based on the requirements from the TSC, and established these as key engineering areas for Linaro investment over the next 6 months. We use the time at the Summit to make sure they are well planned
  • Prior to the Summit, the Tracks will be broken down into various Blueprints. These Blueprints are then discussed throughout the week of the Summit. Check out the Linaro Session Schedule listed below for more information

Attending the Summit is key for the following groups:

  • All Linaro engineers:
    • So you can understand and influence how we will implement our requirements for the next 6 months
    • To meet and spend time with other engineers in Linaro, and from the general OSS community
  • Linaro TSC
    • To provide appropriate direction to the engineering teams as they discuss the requirements through the week
    • For specific TSC topics and sessions
  • Companies and individuals interested in Linaro

Because this is a planning and engineering summit, you will gain the most value from attending the whole week. Often a particular Blueprint is discussed over several days, and attending the whole week will also provide you with opportunity to network with the engineering teams outside the main sessions.

Linaro Tracks

The Linaro@UDS sessions are grouped into similar topics referred to as tracks. Each track has a tech lead assigned to assist in content development for their track.

  • L@UDS Track Title


    Tech Lead

    Tech Lead's email


    Integrating Linaro with Android

    Zach Pfeffer

    <zach.pfeffer AT linaro DOT org>


    Graphics Systems Development

    Jesse Barker

    <jesse.barker AT linaro DOT org>


    ARM Linux Kernel Development and Consolidation

    Paul McKenney

    <paul.mckenney AT linaro DOT org>


    Multimedia Development

    Kurt Taylor

    <kurt.taylor AT linaro DOT org>


    Miscellaneous Linaro Projects

    Joey Stanford

    <joey AT linaro DOT org>

    Power Management

    Power Management Advances and Validation

    Amit Kucheria

    <amit.kucheria AT linaro DOT org>


    Packaging and Testing in Linaro

    Alexander Sack

    <asac AT linaro DOT org>


    Toolchain discussions for Linaro (gcc, etc.)

    Michael Hope

    <michael.hope AT linaro DOT org>

If you have questions about a track please contact the tech lead.

Linaro Session Schedule

The Linaro Only session schedule will be maintained here:






You can also follow the schedule using this iPhone or Android app. Instructions for installing are here.


Memory Management

A Memory Management Summit will be held concurrently with Linaro@UDS. These meetings will be held in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. More information can be found at this wiki page. If you want to participate please add your information to the table at the bottom of the wiki page or send an email to <jesse.barker AT linaro DOT org>.

Linaro Showcase Event on 10 May

Read more details here and please get involved:

The Linaro Technical Showcase will take place from 6:30pm on Tuesday, May 10, in the Plenary room at Linaro@UDS. We are looking for volunteers who could run demos and short tutorials. In particular, we hope that the landing teams will be able to show the newest community boards in action, which almost nobody has seen in real life yet. Here are some more suggestions for interesting demos:

  • Power management demos, showing suspend/resume/hibernation and the time they take, measuring power on the board, using powerdebug...
  • Debugging quick tutorial
  • perf demos
  • Toolchain performance benchmarks
  • Video codec performance benchmarks
  • Demos of new QEMU targets
  • linaro-media-create quick tutorial
  • Device tree demo
  • Linaro Android Build Service
  • ... and anything useful you could think of, typically advertising your use of, or contributions to, Linaro!

The main goal would be to advertise your work, both internally and externally, and then start interesting discussions, and hopefully end up with improvements and new ideas.

We will try to videotape some demos and publish them on YouTube if appropriate. There should also be a vote for the best demos and prizes will be given away.


How to Get the Most Out of Linaro@UDS

Before the Summit

First, register here: We need this information to make sure we have sufficient meeting rooms, provide enough food, organise socials and so on. And we'll also use it to provide information updates both before and during the week to people who have registered here

Then register here: This will allow you to view schedules for the week, and register for sessions you want to attend

  • login-register-o.jpg

  • Browse the list of sessions at (or for general Ubuntu sessions) and identify ones that you are interested in attending. Sessions are broken down into Days, Tracks, or Rooms.

  • To see a daily list of Linaro only sessions go to and add the day you are interested in. For example:

  • Click on a session you are interested in attending to visit it's blueprint in Launchpad. You can attend any sessions that interest you, not just Linaro sessions. (Your tech lead may ask you to attend specific sessions.)
  • The top right of the blueprint shows subscription options. Whilst logged in, choose the subscribe link to be informed of changes to the blueprint and to add it to your list of scheduled sessions.

  • schedule-subscribe-o.jpg

During the Event

  • Ensure you arrive at the first session of the day 10 minutes early and ready to start.
  • Take notes! There is a link to an etherpad document on each session's scheduled time. Click on the link and you can add to the notes. These links will still work after the LDS event has ended.


  • If you have problems:
    • Visit the Linaro information desk
    • Find one of the Linaro Track Leads. They will be wearing a Purple t-shirt
    • Contact the Linaro@UDS organizer, Arwen Donaghey +44 7791 279 521
  • Reminder... Consult the Linaro@UDS event page (Events/2011-05-LDS) regularly to be updated of changes.

  • Monitors are placed around the conference center displaying that day's sessions.
  • Plenaries
    • There is an introductory session Monday morning and closing Linaro session Friday
    • Each day after lunch there is a plenary session in the main conference room that covers a variety of topics
  • There are several social events during the week - Please attend the Linaro Techical Showcase

If you are planning on attending remotely

After the Event

  • Participate in the specification writing process. After the event all discussion notes need to be added to the blueprint's specification. This is a link just below the description on each blueprint.
    • The blueprint requirements are fleshed out with blueprint's Work items:. Estimate about 2 days of work per each Work item: entry.

    • Add your thoughts, notes and anything else to the spec to ensure that the correct information is captured.
  • Monitor the blueprint's progress. Help make sure that the work items are being completed and items that interest you do not get dropped.

Travel Information


Hotel and Location Information

You must book before 8 April, as we have reserved bedrooms at discounted rates with the Corinthia hotel until that date. If you find the hotel is full, contact for alternate accommodation.

To book the hotel at discounted rates please fill in the attached form and send it to . Assignees whose accommodation is handled by Marianna R. at Canonical need not do this.

How to get there

There is a shuttle bus that will drop off at the Corinthia. Tickets cost €12 one way and can be purchased at the airport directly. The journey time is approx. 45mins.and can be purchased online through their website (-10% discount!) or at the AirportShuttle Desks located at every terminal's lobby. Accepted payment are credit card (both online or in person) or cash (HUF or EUR).
For the journey back to the airport, buy the "minibus-ticket" at the hotel's reception!
If you are traveling with 4-5 colleagues, the price is decreasing to €34 or less. Check the transfer fees HERE!

Alternatively, should you request it, the hotel will arrange a personalized airport pickup for approximately €40 from the airport to the hotel, and €27 from the hotel back to the airport. You need to advise the hotel of your flight details with the estimated time of arrival and departure. See your hotel booking confirmation for further details.

The more adventurous can buy a 7 day travel pass ( for €17 or single tickets and take the public transportation. Bus 200 from the Airport takes you to the Metro line 3 (blue), leave the Metro at Ferenc körút and take the Tram 6 to Király utca.

Train: Budapest-Keleti station is a 15minute walk (1km) from the hotel. The sleeper from Munich (covering many Northern European routes) arrives at 08:49 on Monday morning, which is just about in time.

Who needs a visa?

Citizens of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) member states do not require a visa. The only documentation they require is either their passport or identity card. These countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden (new type of identity card) and the United Kingdom.

Non EU/EEA citizens

Citizens of most non-EU/EEA countries are required to get a visa - an application for a short-term visa will normally be processed in 5 to 15 days. Certain countries are exempted:

  • U.S. citizens do not need a visa.

  • Brazilian citizens do not need a visa.

This is not an exhaustive list; please check with your local hungarian consulate for details.

Invitation Letters for Visa Applications

Obtain visas immediately! Allow at least 2 months of time between applying for the visa and the date of travel to the event; in the case of US visas, allow 3 months. If you need help, please reach out to Amanda Bryan if you are an assignee to assist you; don't quietly think the visa will sort itself out. We are more than happy to help with your process but it is your responsibility to be on top of obtaining your own Visa.

How to process a Visa application when requested to travel on behalf of the business.

  1. Paperwork - Before making a request, please make sure that you have the following information:

    • Passport number
    • Job Title
    • Member company you are from
    • Exact date of departure and return
    • Address of local consulate or embassy to which the application will be made
    • Details of trip (Linaro Connect - developer conference)
    • Address you want the Letter sent to
    • FAX number of local consulate or embassy to which the application will be made
  2. Process - Once you have all the above information, please submit your request (assignees). Please remember to state where you would like the letter sent to as well as a contact phone number.

  3. The letter will be printed on Company letterhead, signed, scanned to your email. If you require the original hard copy as well please ensure you state this at the time of requesting the invitation letter and it will be mailed to the address you have provided. Please allow a month from the time you submit your request to receive your letter.

Employees - You should receive your business invitation letter automatically however, if you have any concerns or have recently changed any of your personal information please contact

Important: Remember to keep your personal information up to date on the HR system. If you do not, this could result in your letter containing incorrect information or not receiving your letter at all and therefore not obtaining your visa.

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