Invitation Letters for Visa Applications

Obtain visas immediately! Allow at least 2 months of time between applying for the visa and the date of travel to the event; in the case of US visas, allow 3 months. If you need help, please reach out to Amanda Bryan if you are an assignee to assist you; don't quietly think the visa will sort itself out. We are more than happy to help with your process but it is your responsibility to be on top of obtaining your own Visa.

How to process a Visa application when requested to travel on behalf of the business.

  1. Paperwork - Before making a request, please make sure that you have the following information:

    • Passport number
    • Job Title
    • Member company you are from
    • Exact date of departure and return
    • Address of local consulate or embassy to which the application will be made
    • Details of trip (Linaro Connect - developer conference)
    • Address you want the Letter sent to
    • FAX number of local consulate or embassy to which the application will be made
  2. Process - Once you have all the above information, please submit your request (assignees). Please remember to state where you would like the letter sent to as well as a contact phone number.

  3. The letter will be printed on Company letterhead, signed, scanned to your email. If you require the original hard copy as well please ensure you state this at the time of requesting the invitation letter and it will be mailed to the address you have provided. Please allow a month from the time you submit your request to receive your letter.

Employees - You should receive your business invitation letter automatically however, if you have any concerns or have recently changed any of your personal information please contact

Important: Remember to keep your personal information up to date on the HR system. If you do not, this could result in your letter containing incorrect information or not receiving your letter at all and therefore not obtaining your visa.


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