Developer's Guidelines for working with the Linaro UEFI community


We are not a fork of Tianocore, but are working in parallel and also contributing directly to it. We intend to work with Tianocore on generic code, whilst maintaining Linaro specific code, generally ports for platforms that Linaro is interested in.


Please address the public channel rather than individual developers, and as is customary for irc don't ask if you can ask a question, just ask it. People on the channel may be in any timezone and may not see your question until many hours later, so don't just leave the channel after 10 minutes if you do not receive a reply. If a lot of other discussion has happened in the meantime, it is entirely OK to ask your question again after several hours have passed.

Linaro UEFI developers can be found in the #linaro-enterprise channel on the freenode network.

There is also a #edk2 channel on the OFTC network.

Mailing Lists

All discussions about core UEFI code (upstream Tianocore) should be sent to the edk2-devel mailing list: Note: this list moved from SourceForge to Intel's community server in 2015.

Where referring to one or more specific EDK2 packages, please cc the maintainers of said packages as listed in Maintainers.txt.

For discussions about how ARM systems should boot, use the boot-architecture list:


For discussions related to Linaro EDK2 (UEFI), including the platform support and usage help, use the Linaro-uefi list:


Linaro maintains platform code in a separate tree, called OpenPlatformPkg, to be built against upstream EDK2.

This code in this tree is as of June 2017 being migrated across into the TianoCore edk2-platforms repository.

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