Linaro Mobile Group (LMG)

The LMG wiki pages provide information about our mobile activities and how to keep in contact with us. Note that many of the links require a login and are only available to Linaro members - for information on becoming a member, please contact Joe Bates at [email protected].

About Us

LMG direction is set by the LMG Steering Committee (LMG-SC), formally known as MOBSCOM. Our work is performed by a talented group of engineers distributed around the globe.

In LMG there are subteams which work on Android, Graphics, the Linux Kernel and GPGPU.


Current Linaro Confectionery





3.10 LSK/Android



3.10 LSK/Android



3.10 LSK/Android


Release Process

LMG generally follows Linaro's monthly release cadence.

LMG has reference builds for both a daily AOSP and the monthly Linaro Confectionery Release. The process is documented here.

As part of the Linaro Android Release process you might be interested in the following lists:


We welcome feedback on our releases and ask you do to so via [email protected] or join us on the #linaro-android channel on freenode. You may open a bug being report via We make no representations that a reported bug will be fixed or how fast it might be addressed. Member input weighs strongly in these considerations.

Communicate with LMG

In addition to this wiki, we use various mailing lists, IRC and to communicate.

You can use the web or your favourite IRC client.

LMG Roadmap

LMG uses the Linaro cards system to chart our plans. You can see our cards listed here. (Login required)

The cards are aligned to a high level roadmap, with vision and priorities defined by the LMG Steering Committee.

If you are a Linaro Member you are able to view the [[|LMG 1.00 Roadmap document.]]

LMG Reference Library

We maintain a library of howtos, past presentations and other useful reference material.


The LMG uses a variety of hardware to accomplish our goals, including:


The LMG Engineering team directory is listed here. (Internal link)

LMG engineering is organized into the following sub teams:

LMG Leadership Team

Android Team

Working on Android, AOSP, optimizing and new features for Android and AOSP.

LMG Kernel Team

Working on enabling kernel upstreaming and features - focusing on Android Upstreaming and UMM.

Graphics and Libs Team

Working on Display Frameworks, kernel drivers, KMS, hwcomposer, ADF, CDF, DRM and related topics.


Working on enablement and exploitation of GPU, DSP and other computing resources. GPGPU projects are hosted out of the Office of the CTO.

(OLD) Media & Libs Team

Working on codecs, porting and acceleration of graphics oriented packages.


LMG has an active schedule spread across conferences, work shops and Linaro connect.

Open Source Licenses

LMG follows the Linaro TSC policy on open source licenses. Specific licenses not covered will need case-by-case approval and logging.

Managing Confidential Information

Generally all work performed by LMG happens in the open. There are times because of unannounced hardware or software that can preclude being open on a temporary basis. LMG-SC, the LMG steering committee has a wiki portal at Internal restricted to LMG-SC members.

LMG manages the confidential information received from member companies as per fill in.


LMG adheres to Linaro's processes. We used the Roadmap process for our plan.

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