Mission Statement

LNG develops and integrates accelerated open source networking software to advance the common interests of its members.


Welcome to the Linaro Networking Group (LNG)!

This site is a public information exchange for the Linaro Networking Group. For more general information on the LNG Product Roadmap please keep reading. Check back often here on the LNG Wiki page as we continually update the page with current LNG information.

{i} This is a publicly1 accessible site designed to provide you with all the information you need to stay up to date on our activities and help us make our vision a reality.

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The portfolio, investment, themes, value streams and all LNG directives and engineering activity are reviewed, approved/rejected and managed by the LNG Steering Committee and TSC (through OPSCOM).

Scope of Work


The current mix of LNG engineering activities:

  • Isolation / KVM / Tools
    • Virtualization support with considerations for real-time performance, I/O optimization, robustness and heterogeneous operating environments on multi-core SoCs.

  • Benchmarking
    • Stability, Throughput, and Latency
  • OpenDataPlane

  • Big Endian Support

    • Dealing with legacy software and mixed-endian issues prevalent in the networking space
  • Foundational - Kernel / CI / OE / PREEMPT_RT

    • Real-time operations and the Linux kernel optimizations for the control and data plane
    • Packet processing optimizations that maximize performance and minimize latency in data flows through the network.
    • Power Management

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LNG Members

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  1. There is an internal LNG wiki; you must have permissions to access the internal site. (1)

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