Linaro's Builds Electrify Embedded Linux Development

It used to be that SoC vendors would create a software "drop" that device manufactures would take and adapt for their products. They would throw code over the wall and a disjoint wiki page and tell the user of their chips "good luck!"

Linaro has changed all that.

Now, SoC product builds are able to integrate directly with the continuously integrated builds that Linaro produces. Product builders can take a known-good platform that has been optimized for ARM and begin working with it immediately.

And product builders also get the benefit of choice. They can select from a variety of starting points. They can use an Android build with the latest bleeding edge kernel or a more stable version. They can get an immediate upgrade by building with GCC 4.6 or they can match AOSP's GCC 4.4.

The world is demanding ARM based devices at lightning pace, with Linaro's continuously developed Android solution, device manufactures can keep up with this demand and spend their scarce resources on the features that make their products unqiue, not on common platform issues.

Linaro's Android platform is delivered to users through

  1. A repo sync-able source based builds
  2. Prebuilt images
  3. Stand-alone "patch packs."

Source Delivery

Everything users need to get and recompile the entire platform, from the kernel to the Android frameworks, can be done in 7 commands.

  1. Find the build you're interested in, for example

  2. Export the env variables from the build configuration

export MANIFEST_REPO=git://
export MANIFEST_BRANCH=linaro_android_4.0.3
export MANIFEST_FILENAME=staging-origen.xml
export TARGET_PRODUCT=origen
export TOOLCHAIN_TRIPLET=arm-linux-androideabi
export SOURCE_OVERLAY="origen/20111215/vendor.tar.bz2"
export LAVA_SUBMIT=1
export SYNC_JOBS=10
  1. repo init and sync the source

repo sync
  1. Get the toolchain

wget --no-check-certificate $TOOLCHAIN_URL
tar -jxvf android-toolchain-eabi-linaro*

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