Ubuntu LEB for Product Builders

The Ubuntu LEB is composed mainly of the last stable Ubuntu release (and archive), plus Linaro specific changes that is part of the Overlay PPA (additional repository with all Linaro customized packages).

To use and customize our LEB as based of any product, you'll need to be familiar with our current build and image creation process.

Core components of the Ubuntu LEB

Ubuntu Archive

As we're always using the latest stable Ubuntu release at our images, the Ubuntu Archive is also enabled by default, and where we get most of the packages used at the LEB.

Any product that is built on top of the Ubuntu LEB will also receive stable updates from Ubuntu directly, besides having the whole archive for additional packages.

Overlay PPA

The Overlay PPA is an additional repository we use at the LEBs, containing only Linaro specific packages, or packages which we decided to update/fix that would not be part of the stable release anymore. As once Ubuntu is released, only critical fixes are accepted, we need a way to also add our own customizations, and this PPA is where our packages are available.

You can check our package set, for each Ubuntu series at https://launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/overlay/





Testing and Validation


Creating your own images

  1. Creating packages for your boot loader and kernel;
  2. Enable an additional repository for your own package customization;
  3. Customize the live-build scripts to define your own image;
  4. Enable offsprint as hwpack/image buildbot

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