After the cycle ends we switch over to tracking the tip 4.6 toolchain. The tip toolchain's URL doesn't change and is listed below. All builds that use the 4.6 toolchain should be switched over. Once the final toolchain comes out, about 2 weeks. We generate a build with the final toolchain.

To switch to tip:

Please read all instructions before starting.

Send an email to and send a message on #linaro-android that you're going to be switching the builds to use the tip toolchain in 1 hour.

Wait a hour.

Go to and log in. If you can't log in you're not a member of, contact to request access.

Click on each of these:

  • ~linaro-android/imx53-ics-gcc46-freescalelt-stable-open
  • ~linaro-android/origen-ics-gcc46-samsunglt-stable-blob
  • ~linaro-android/origen-ics-gcc46-samsunglt-tracking-blob
  • ~linaro-android/snowball-ics-gcc46-igloo-stable-blob
  • ~linaro-android/snowball-ics-gcc46-igloo-tracking-blob
  • ~linaro-android/vexpress-rtsm-ics-gcc46-armlt-stable-open
  • ~linaro-android/vexpress-ics-gcc46-armlt-stable-open
  • ~linaro-android/imx6-ics-gcc46-freescalelt-stable-open
  • ~linaro-android/panda-ics-gcc46-tilt-tracking-blob
  • ~linaro-android/panda-ics-gcc46-omapzoom-stable-blob
  • ~linaro-android/panda-ics-gcc46-tilt-stable-blob
  • ~linaro-android/panda-ics-gcc46-kwg-upstream-open
  • ~linaro-android/imx6-ics-gcc47-freescalelt-stable-open

For all the builds mentioned above except "imx6-ics-gcc47-freescalelt-stable-open" Click the 'edit...' button.

Switch TOOLCHAIN_URL to the tip toolchain:

And for "imx6-ics-gcc47-freescalelt-stable-open" Switch TOOLCHAIN_URL to the tip toolchain:

Click 'OK'.

Then click the 'build' button. You'll want to kick off at most 3 at a time and then wait until those 3 have finished there code checkout. About 10 minutes. You can also monitor it from Jenkins itself. Ask how to do this.

You may just do one and check for issues.

If you run into issues. Send the issues to with the failing build and switch the build back to the original toolchain and kick off a build. Once the tip issues are fixed switch back to tip.

To switch to release:

Get the URL of the released toolchain and perform the same steps listed above. Send a mail to to request a release build. The toolchain is released 2 weeks before the end of the cycle. The cycle always ends the last Thursday of the month so this would be two Thursday's before that.


After switching to tip builds or release builds update the build information page:<build_name>

for each builds mentioned in above list with correct toolchain url

i.e. edit value of "TOOLCHAIN_URL" on jenkins so that it reflects correct toolchain(tip or release) as same info gets updated on builds page(<build_name>)

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