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Android Engineering

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We also maintain several Android How To's as well as a list of Linaro specific links used by the team and a Library.


Our primary goals are to:

You can monitor our development roadmap efforts on launchpad.

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Past Action items

  • Last weeks action items to discuss.
    • None

Action Items

Engineers Reports

Your Name <irc nick>


  • Short bullet points of work you've done that week which convey

progress and highlights which can be used to report on how the team is progressing as a whole.


  • Your individual plans for the coming week(s).


  • Your individual plans for the coming week(s).

Zach Pfeffer <pfefferz>


  • Helped complete Android LAVA integration
  • Supported Computex demo
  • Helped work on Linaro toolchain issues
  • Wrote job descriptions for the Android team
  • Worked on 11.11 Blueprints


  • Release 11.05 generic and Panda images
  • Work on closing LAVA issues
  • Support Computex
  • Organize Blueprints


  • Need closer collaboration between WGs, landing teams and the integration teams
  • Panda-LEB uses Pandroid's kernel and the default AOSP

Patrik Ryd <patrikryd>


  • Solved Bug #747911 linaro-generic[panda]: not executable

  • Building Pandroid with the Linaro build system still ongoing BluePrint



Jim Huang <jserv-->



  • Computex showcase!


  • N/A

Jeremy Chang <jeremychang>



  • LAVA work for Computex


  • N/A

IRC logs

Android Kernel Meeting

Android Team Meeting

Meeting opened by pfefferz at 11:00

  • <jserv--> .

    <pfefferz> Hello

    <pfefferz> Who's here?

  • patrikryd waves

  • pfefferz waves back

    <johncylee> I'm here.

    <atypic> just a curious bystander here.

    <pfefferz> Hi atypic and johncylee

    <fabo> hi

    <pfefferz> Hey fabo

  • jeremychang waves

    <pfefferz> hey jeremy

    <asac> o/

    <asac> any meeting active here?

    <asac> ;)

    <pfefferz> yup

    <asac> cool

  • asac lurks then

    <pfefferz> thanks for joining asac

    <asac> welcome!

    <asac> are we waiting for someone?

    <pfefferz> nope it looks like everyone's here

    <asac> cool. already started?

    <asac> go ahead!

    <pfefferz> yup

    <asac> ah ;)

    <asac> continue then

    <pfefferz> Looking at


    <pfefferz> [TOPIC] Review issues

Review issues

  • <asac> i have one comment ... can we move the weekly topics to a separate page? i would prefer to have all the team landing pages to be more or less stable and crisp

    <asac> [ACTION] pfefferz to think about moving weekly priorities somewhere else :)

    <pfefferz> I'll think about it

    <pfefferz> I like having the current state right up front

    <asac> lets talk about this. i think this can still live on a separate page

    <asac> that is just about status

    <asac> anyway go ahead

  • asac shuts up

    <jserv--> asac, can you use this? =>

    <asac> everything but the top level android page works for me

    <pfefferz> I really like having the priorities up front

    <pfefferz> It gives people a reason to come to the page, and acts as a place to clearly communicate what the priorities are

    <pfefferz> Without having to dig, or go through status pages

    <asac> go ahead. lets talk about this later

    <pfefferz> k

    <pfefferz> jim, Paul posted that he's still having issues with the toolchain

    <jserv--> pfefferz, yes, I put his messages into bug context


    <ubot2> Launchpad bug 787072 in linaro-android "Release a Linaro GCC 4.5 and 4.6 2011-05 x86 tarball and build platform code with it " [Undecided,Confirmed]

    <pfefferz> oh, I see it

    <pfefferz> did you get Panda working with the toolchain?

    <jserv--> not tested.

    <jserv--> add it as my action item, please

    <pfefferz> [ACTION] jserv-- to test the toolchain with Panda-LEB

jserv-- to test the toolchain with Panda-LEB

  • <pfefferz> please test it ASAP, its the highest priority thing for you, for the demo

    <jserv--> yes, I know.

    <pfefferz> please document it in the bug as well

    <pfefferz> cool. about the demo we have a bunch of calls this week

    <pfefferz> 0xlab is definitly going to be there?

    <pfefferz> [TOPIC] The demo

The demo

  • <jserv--> should we review past action items first?

  • jserv-- is really confused about meeting rules.

    <pfefferz> okay, np we'll come back to the demo

    <pfefferz> [TOPIC] COntinue review of Priorities for the week of 22/5/2011 to 28/5/2011

COntinue review of Priorities for the week of 22/5/2011 to 28/5/2011

  • <pfefferz> okay, jim I'm going to bump GDB down on the priority list

    <pfefferz> [ACTION] pfefferz, bump GDB down on the priority list

pfefferz, bump GDB down on the priority list

  • <asac> bump down? -> remove from list?

    <pfefferz> no, everything on: Priorities for the week of 22/5/2011 to 28/5/2011 is sorted by priority

    <asac> kk

    <pfefferz> so I'm just going to move it down the list

    <asac> ic

    <pfefferz> jim, any status on GDB

    <pfefferz> [LINK]

  • <ubot2> Launchpad bug 787078 in linaro-android "Release a GDB 7.2 2011.05 tarball and verify it works with our platform" [Undecided,Confirmed]

    <jserv--> pfefferz, I built gdb, but I need to provide the gdbserver as well.

    <asac> how does gdbserver get on the device?

    <asac> is that something we include in the build?

    <jserv--> pfefferz, currently, gdbserver is not built in our build script.

    <asac> or manual instructions?

    <jserv--> pfefferz, and, it is improper to test unpair gdb and gdbserver.

    <jserv--> pfefferz, in summary, I need more setup work.

    <jserv--> asac, you need to adb push it.

    <pfefferz> [ACTION] jserv--, update GDB bug and continue focusing on toolchain

jserv--, update GDB bug and continue focusing on toolchain

  • <ubot2> Launchpad bug 784836 in linaro-android "Identify what's left to do to get automatic Android validation finished" [Undecided,New]

    <pfefferz> this is your highest priority jeremy

    <pfefferz> I don't see any bug updates

    <jeremychang> pfalcon, regarding to this bug, I am not sure what you mean by completion.

    <pfefferz> [ACTION] jeremychang and fabo to update the bug

jeremychang and fabo to update the bug

  • <asac> i think completion is: android images boot daily in LAVA ... however, could be that its on plars plate to finish, set things up

    <asac> => boot daily + bench results flow daily into the dashboard ;)

    <pfefferz> right...

    <fabo> pfefferz: jeremy has submitted a merge to paul

    <pfefferz> so whatever is left to do, put it in the bug and we'll use that to drive that topic to completion

    <fabo> I'll copy/paste the mails into the bug

    <jeremychang> pfefferz, the android support for a basic infrastructure is merged in lp:lava

    <pfefferz> okay...please update the bug

    <asac> right. for pfefferz this means to coordinate with plars that this gets enabled

    <pfefferz> then if we're waiting for Paul, I'll give it to him

    <jeremychang> pfefferz, I am also document for running lava locally,

    <asac> plars aka Paul Larson that is (not pfalcon)

    <asac> nice

    <jeremychang> pfefferz, still trying to improve the document

    <pfefferz> okay, once you guys update it, I'll move it to Paul

    <pfefferz> that issues been hanging out too long

    <pfefferz> Moving on

    <pfefferz> [LINK]

  • <pfefferz> Patrik, whats the Pandroid state?

    <patrikryd> Compiling...

    <pfefferz> Have you run through the steps manually from the wiki yet?

    <patrikryd> I have followed the steps in the pandroid release notes.

    <asac> let me look at the BP ;)

    <pfefferz> results?

    <patrikryd> I should just build on the build server now, but there are as few problems still...

    <patrikryd> For some unknown reason u-boot is not built.

    <pfefferz> hmm...

    <patrikryd> For some reason PRODUCT_BRAND becomes "generic generic"

    <pfefferz> okay...well see what you can do...

    <asac> patrikryd: how did you get the device directory?

    <pfefferz> I'd liek to get 0xbench on that

    <asac> patrikryd: just copying pandroid?

    <asac> patrikryd: i think we have to "linaroize" that

    <patrikryd> I have been working on "linaroize" it

    <pfefferz> I added a TODO to the BP, Install 0xbench into the build: TODO

    <pfefferz> we should have that done before the demo so we can show off the differences

    <patrikryd> I should be in the build, but I'll check.

    <patrikryd> Does lamc do any magic for panda?

    <patrikryd> The pandroid build will get the same tarballs as the linaro panda build.

    <asac> right

    <asac> patrikryd: not much magic besides bootargs

    <asac> patrikryd: but the bootargs should be fine as we use it for LEB that uses the pandroid kernel

    <patrikryd> ok

    <asac> patrikryd: i think one bug is that the proprietary-open stuff is not really included here for me if you use the omapzoom build. did you verify that the GLES bits are included?

    <patrikryd> asac: Should I use the version/branch you created a few days ago?

    <asac> patrikryd: otherwise you can pull in our proprietary-open branch that we host

    <asac> patrikryd: if the "plain pandroid" build doesnt include them, then yes

    <asac> ok move on i guess

    <patrikryd> I ment for the lamc...

    <asac> patrikryd: nope. its already merged

    <asac> so lp:lava should be fine

    <patrikryd> I will check the proprietary-open stuff

    <patrikryd> lava?

    <pfefferz> [ACTION] patrikryd to update

patrikryd to update

  • <pfefferz> is everyone clear on what the priorities are this week?

    <pfefferz> okay, I appologize for shifting the agenda a little, lets take 5 mins to chat about it

    <pfefferz> [TOPIC] meeting agenda reorg

meeting agenda reorg

  • <asac> can you present the reorg ideas through mails?

    <pfefferz> yeah...

    <asac> in that way we can better think about it and give arguments what was good before and what was bad

    <pfefferz> [ACTION] pfefferz to send reorg agenda mail

pfefferz to send reorg agenda mail

  • <asac> at best this would start with a analizes of you what was not so good and then how you want to address it ;)

    <asac> thanks!

  • asac happy

    <pfefferz> okay two more things:

    <pfefferz> three more things:

    <pfefferz> :)

    <pfefferz> 1. the demo

    <pfefferz> 2. the rest of the priority list

    <pfefferz> 3. any other issues

    <pfefferz> [TOPIC] the demo

the demo

  • <pfefferz> The demo is coming up

    <jserv--> demo!

    <asac> pfefferz: can we first get an update here from jserv-- on what is the plan?

    <asac> and where we stand?

    <asac> ;)

    <pfefferz> yeah...

    <asac> i think its helpful, because there was communication mess and we first should all get on the same page

    <pfefferz> jserv-- first thing, will you be there?

    <jserv--> pfefferz, yes, I will be at Computex since June 1

    <jserv--> I will help setup in the afternoon of May 31

    <pfefferz> jserv-- okay, second, you're going to show what you and Rob agreeed on

    <jserv--> pfefferz, I think so. but it would be better to "merge" proposed demo showcase.

    <pfefferz> jserv-- okay, what do you want to merge?

    <asac> jserv--: can you quickly 1. summarize what the plan for the demo is; 2. update us where we stand achieveing that; 3. if you need anything from us? 4. what the risk of that demo is and 5. also what the hardware requirements would be?

    <johncylee> wait, from the emails, I think the arm specific demo need setup as well

    <johncylee> in the demo room, on 5/30 8:30am

    <jserv--> pfefferz, upon your discussion about video playback, etc.

    <johncylee> before 10:00am , the press conference

    <jserv--> asac, yes, one second.

    <asac> jserv--: and 6. if the demos will be based on our LEB/generic builds we release this week

    <asac> thanks!

    <jserv--> (1) The plan is to show the LEB + LAVA, which are our current focus

    <jserv--> And, we can always validate the whole Android system through LAVA and corresponding infrastructure developed by Linaro.

    <jserv--> [-] Linaro Evaluation Build + LAVA

    <asac> ok thats the story. what will be shown on the LEB?

    <jserv--> [-] Validation and Android Integration

    <asac> ah go ahead

    <jserv--> ok

    <jserv--> For performance =>

    <jserv--> We try to disable GFX on Pandaboard first in order to show the

    <jserv--> improvements by Linaro toolchain and several optimization combinations

    <jserv--> from opengl rasterizer (part of Android rendering pipeline), skia

    <jserv--> (+NEON), etc.

    <jserv--> We expect users can find the visual

    <jserv--> difference by launching one or two 3D bench item(s), such OpenGL Cube.

    <jserv--> Also, we can check the latest results through LAVA for reference.

    <jserv--> For Landing team support =>

    <jserv--> We will show GFX-enabled LEB as showcase.

    <asac> and showcase will basically play 0xbench 3d benchmarks?

    <asac> what is the likelyhood that visitors can see the performance difference for non-GFX? should we just run our generic build for that?

    <jserv--> And, the most important part is, we can always automate the installation + validation by l-a-m-c + LAVA

    <jserv--> asac, 3D eye-candy might be better

  • zyga got triggered by LAVA

    <asac> jserv--: what woul dthat 3d candy be?

    <pfefferz> okay

    <jserv--> asac, like 3D Cube

    <asac> kk

    <asac> continue then

    <asac> 2. 3. 4. 5.

    <asac> jserv--: or can you send those points by email?

    <asac> that would even be better i guess

    <pfefferz> [ACTION] jserv-- to send the demo plan to everyone by email

jserv-- to send the demo plan to everyone by email

  • <jserv--> asac, yes, users can ask for the performance results among different configurations by browsing web pages generated by LAVA.

    <jserv--> [2. update us where we stand achieveing that]

    <pfefferz> We're out of time. Please update your issues and focus on the priorites

    <pfefferz> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 12:01

People Present

  • jserv--
  • pfefferz
  • patrikryd
  • johncylee
  • atypic
  • fabo
  • jeremychang
  • asac
  • ubot2
  • zyga

Actions Recorded

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