Release Note

Documentation of how to contribute to Linaro Android, who to add for code code review and how to prepare for contributing to AOSP.


Without documentation it will all be a mess.

User stories

  • A user wants to contribute a nice patch to Linaro Android and wants to know how
  • A user wants to build (and verify?) his patch for all supported boards.


We will use gerrit.


Two documents (wiki pages) describing how to contribute to Linaro Android and how to build for all boards.


How to contribute

Wikipage called "Linaro Android contribution process" (TODO: Add link) explaining what branch to choose and who to invite for review based on the change. Page should have a reference to the nice flowchart at AOSP and explain any differences (if exists) for the Linaro case.

How to verify before contribution

Wikipage called HowToVerifyBeforeContribution explaining how to test build before contributing to Linaro Android and to AOSP

Test/Demo Plan

Review pages by someone from the android team.

Unresolved issues

Will it be possible to trigger both automatic build and test for a change/manifest?

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