Key Points for wider discussion

  • USB camera (UVC) now works on linaro-android builds.
  • Execute 0xbench on Panda builds from 11.04 to 11.10 results

Team Highlights

  • Connect sessions prepared: Blueprints for Linaro Connect Q4.11

  • Linaro Android 11.10 RC for Samsung Origen has been done.
  • Solved the the build problems and integrated support for DS-5 in upstream build. Blocking bug in gdbserver remain.
  • Presentation material about Android builds:

  • Audio playback and recording works on LEB-panda
  • 10.1 Release candidates thoroughly tested.
  • Progress on Video calls through Linphone on Panda.
  • ELC-E talk about toolchain related optimizations.
  • ELC-E talk about Linaro's Android Platform.


  • Focus on Connect.


  • gdbserver is needed to connect DS-5 to the gator daemon, but gdbserver seg faults. Bug# 881848
  • Rebasing John Stultz's 3.1 androidization branch on latest STE-GLK3.0 was not possible.


Connect sessions schedule

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