LAVA - Developer Platform Test Suite


Planning for Basic Enablement Testing

TSC Card for Q4.11:

Additional hardware enablement and tag support at Lava planned for January/February, but first we need to have the proper description of what is needed and how it'll be used.

Blueprint to define a test suite for the dev platform team - 11.12 cycle:

  • Skeleton for test suite, one or two tests, set up for LAVA
  • Beginning list for tests on images and what hardware is required for the lab
    • Can use the current list of tests we run against the RC images (as a start)

How to target a specific job for a board:

  • There's a proposal to have tags for boards, with features, so you could push a job against a tag set.

Next steps to move this forward:

  • Starting with the test development, to properly understand what are the hw requirements
  • Have a list of all the test cases we need to develop, so we can then check which ones actually depends on additional hw
  • Have a test suite for the dev plat form team, with stub and so on
  • For each test, like usb-storage and such, have the description of what will be tested an how
    • Discuss the test cases with Paul once they are done, so we can check the hw requirements

LAVA Changes needed:

Recommendation: create stub for testsuite with some simple tests, get it running under lava, expand it as we go

Test Suite

Test Cases

Investigate what is already part of the Start Raiting defition.

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