Wednesday 1st September 2010

People Present

  • slangasek
  • JamieBennett

  • dmart
  • hrw
  • jcrigby
  • ppearse
  • wookey
  • npitre


  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Blueprint status






    working to get xdeb to cross-build xorg packages



    working to make cross-compiler packages archive-clean with correct binary version numbers and source references


    npitre, jcrigby

    spec completed; ongoing work tracking bugfixes, preparation of the next "next" tree



    results of -Os size benchmarking to be written up, performance benchmarking pending



    Ubuntu kernel security testsuite now enabled on armel; feature complete except for /dev/mem, SECCOMP (SECCOMP in progress)



    latest devtree patches posted to linaro-dev



    regressions around apt key handling identified; fix for foreign Packages downloading in progress



    archive delivery postponed, peripheral work ongoing

Action Items from this Meeting

  • slangasek to nudge Keybuk to review bootchart changes rather than redirecting to upstream, since Ubuntu and upstream are quite out of sync
  • slangasek to switch to dmart's POSIX sh 'shuf' implementation from #linaro for the next meeting ;)

  • jcrigby, dmart to follow up on getting linux-tools to build in linaro kernel package
  • slangasek to check on NEW queue status of pdebuild-cross
  • slangasek to escalate bugs 625042 and 620576 to mvo
  • lool to help with a test case for PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR
  • jcrigby to use for imx51 u-boot testing

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • dmart to email Keybuk about bootchart changes
  • slangasek to check with doko regarding landing of last cross-build fixes


  • TBA

Status Reports

Jamie Bennett

This Week


  • Added support for specifying a start and end date when producing burndown charts. This enables per-month reporting which is what is more expected from a traditional project management perspective.
  • Started implementing tagging in the work item tracker.
  • Started implementing the LATER state in the work item tracker. Both this and the tagging support should be finished early next week.

  • Talk with Kate to iron out better bug tracking for Linaro and Ubuntu. Talked over some mock-ups and agreed on a good way to progress.
  • asac managed to get dailies for the vexpress platform building - . Talked with mwaddel to discuss how vexpress would be delivered for beta and onwards and what needs to be done before release.

  • Weekly call with Anmar, notes can be found at JamieBennett/MeetingNotes/2010-08-24. Lots of talk to get ready for next cycle including UDS planning.

  • Call with Mounir to discuss project management in Ubuntu/Linaro.
  • Usual release meeting, notes can be found at Cycles/WeeklyReleaseMeeting/2010-08-26.


  • Work with the Ubuntu Release Manager to implement bug dependency reporting and highlighting.
  • Finish implementing tagging support in the work item tracker to enable work items to be 'tagged' against a technical requirement reference number.
  • Finish implementing the LATER state in the work item tracker.
  • Produce a blueprint and work-item guideline document to ensure that everyone is using the same format for 11.05.

Dave Martin


  • Now in touch with the bootchart upstream maintainers: Ubuntu is not really in sync with upstream, but keybuk is interested in getting back in sync.
  • Still need to summarise code size variation with -Os -- somewhere



  • arm-m-missing-security-features:
    • kees postponed /dev/mem protection to maverick+1, and is working on SECCOMP support; this seems a reasonable compromise.
    • Testing of the security features implemented on armel is now enabled by kees.


  • Investigation of Freescale bsp mostly done -- need to discuss with lool.


  • Summarise -Os results
  • Test the linaro stable kernel tree on OMAP3/Beagle -- see whether the omapfb problems are now fixed.
  • Test omap/vexpress beta release candidates when they've been respun.

John Rigby

Kernel Packaging

  • Delivered a new kernel based on linaro-stable and latest ubuntu.
  • Got feedback from mattman that latest vexpress kernel boots
  • Found and fixed (found fix online for) the omap3 display problem and delivered kernel with that and two other beagle fixes from ubuntu.


  • Did a new merge of latest upstream, latest sakoman omap patches and old vexpress patches.
  • Added multiple deb support to u-boot package build.
  • Delivered u-boot (with much help from slangesek) source package to ubuntu archive.


  • Normal meetings

Next Week

  • Do a new u-boot devtree submission
  • Work on ST-E u-boot

Nicolas Pitre

  • Git repository shuffling on to reflect the better naming agreed between lool, jcrigby and I.
  • Creation of a dedicated Git tree for the Linaro 2.6.35 kernel tree, and its announcement.
  • Review of some partial SECCOMP patches for ARM from Kees/Amit.
  • Review/discussion about proposed approaches to solve the problem of dynamically allocated contiguous memory buffers (hot-plug memory, CMA, etc.)
  • Objective setting for the next annual review cycle.
  • Misc (meeting attendance, mailing list monitoring, etc.)
  • Patch for bug 620611 in launchpad.

Peter Pearse


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • Delved further into xdeb to understand why I can build all the xorg armel binary packages, but not cross them.
    • Ported CJW's patch to python.
    • Set up another VM, one wasn't enough for armv5 AND armv6
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext
    • None this week



  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • Continue work item "Use cross-compiler binaries with xdeb"
      • Fix mesa & python

    • Test Tom Gall's "alip-ael" image on Versatile Express
    • Learn more about "series"
    • Rebuild patched sources patches with a view to setting up a PPA
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext
    • Produce new scripts

Marcin Juszkiewicz


  • split into -base (all to eglibc) and final (just gcc final)
  • finished armel-cross-toolchain(-base) for normal builds
  • provided new versions of cross compiler packages on p.c.c.
  • rewrote mangling part to repack debs with hacked control files
  • TODO: pass PPA upload scripts
  • TODO: mark as i386/amd64 only
  • TODO: get it into archive (will need guidance on that)


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