Wednesday 8 Sep 2010

People Present

  • TBA
  • slangasek
  • JamieBennett

  • dmart
  • hrw
  • jcrigby
  • ppearse
  • wookey
  • npitre


  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Blueprint status
  • Blueprint





    ARM-internal repositories working now for source, armv6, armv5 binaries; PPA for cross-patched sources to be done this week



    cross-compilers successfully built in PPA for maverick; seeking FFe for upload to maverick archive


    npitre, jcrigby

    spec completed; ongoing work tracking bugfixes, preparation of the next "next" tree



    -Os writeup in the next week



    Ubuntu kernel security testsuite now enabled on armel; feature complete except for /dev/mem, SECCOMP (SECCOMP in progress)



    npitre to review DT patches on list



    implementing fix for pkgconfig; has identified a new class of package failures when binutils-multiarch is not installed due to build-arch binaries in the debian/ tree



    archive delivery postponed, peripheral work ongoing

  • Reminder about weekly status reports

Action Items from this Meeting

  • slangasek to follow up on bug #623478 for sponsorship
  • npitre to give jcrigby feedback on devicetree u-boot patches
  • slangasek to post DebConf 10 gobby notes publically

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • slangasek to nudge Keybuk to review bootchart changes rather than redirecting to upstream, since Ubuntu and upstream are quite out of sync
  • slangasek to switch to dmart's POSIX sh 'shuf' implementation from #linaro for the next meeting: DONE
  • jcrigby, dmart to follow up on getting linux-tools to build in linaro kernel package
  • slangasek to check on NEW queue status of pdebuild-cross: DONE
  • slangasek to escalate bugs 625042 and 620576 to mvo: DONE
  • lool to help with a test case for PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR: DONE
  • jcrigby to use for imx51 u-boot testing: DONE


  • TBA

Status Reports

Jamie Bennett

This Week

  • Prepared the Beta release. Produced the images, release notes, tracked issues and created the required release documentation.

  • Produced the Metrics page for the month of August. Invited the team to add their own metrics for September.

  • UDS planning with Anmar.

  • Implemented LATER support for the work item tracker. Now work items never need to me moved when they miss a deadline. Just duplicate the item, add it to the next milestone and change the state of the original work item to LATER. That way metrics can be produced on the number of work items that slipped which can be used to predict the likelyhood of future slippages. Proposed for merge instead of just pushing as its a noticeable chance. Waiting on pitti's comments.

  • Several meetings and discussions around Linaro@UDS. Committed to help produce documentation for Linaro employees and interested parties on how the cycle is planned and executed. Will need practical information on how to write good blueprints, specification and work items.

  • Also committed to producing a high level document to be sent to TSC about blueprints and specifications.
  • Further committed to producing an orientation document for Linaro attendees of Linaro@UDS.
  • Talked with mwaddel to discuss how vexpress. Matt is happy so far but the boot is slow. Told Matt to investigate using bootchart and provided feedback when he supplied them.


  • Finish implementing tagging support in the work item tracker to enable work items to be 'tagged' against a technical requirement reference number.
  • Produce a blueprint and work-item guideline document to ensure that everyone is using the same format for 11.05.
  • Detailed "How we plan a cycle" document for Linaro engineers.
  • High level "How we plan a cycle" document for TSC and management.
  • Linaro@UDS orientation document for attendees of Linaro@UDS.

John Rigby

Kernel Packaging

  • Put the ST-E kernel in its own tree on and added packaging.
  • Got feedback on linux-linaro kernel, it needs to recommend uboot-mkimage.
  • Proposed two possible ways of doing per-flavour sources to Tim Gardner. He said they would probably work but said he didn't like the idea.


  • Did a new U-Boot DevTree patch submission. No feedback yet.

  • Discussed unified U-Boot via email with Loic and Steve Sakoman. Steve is pretty skeptical.


  • Submitted my objectives for next review period.
  • Normal meetings
  • Helped with testing release. First rc was bad because it had old kernel.

Next Week

  • Off Monday for Labor Day.
  • First monthly kernel build is due Wednesday.

Peter Pearse


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • Python running to end, extensions missing since dependencies missing
    • Got a VersatileExpress

    • Got some business cards
    • Build v6 VFP toolchain on new VM
    • Tried Marcin's croos toolchain packages
    • Started looking at setting up own PPA - actual needs to be local repository PPA would only get built as v7
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext
    • None this week


  • cross packages for tcl not built, so other packages dont see it
  • business cards incorrect


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • Continue work item "Use cross-compiler binaries with xdeb"
      • Tryout Loic's black listing suggestion for mesa
    • Test Tom Gall's "alip-ael" image on Versatile Express
    • Learn more about "series"
    • Setup local repository & stock with patched sources, v5/v6 binaries

    • Tag existing cross bugs
  • arm-m-ael-alip-appman-ext
    • Produce new scripts

Dave Martin


* Ongoing discussion with upstream.


* See for detail on current status (still waiting for feedback from upstream developer for final patch)


* kees still working on SECCOMP support;


* Investigation of Freescale bsp mostly done -- need to write up. * Retested omap3 / vexpress release candidates; reported some issues. * Tested amit's NEON conditional NEON en-/dis-ablement workaround for i.MX51. * UDS travel now booked


* Summarise -Os results * Test the linaro stable kernel tree on OMAP3/Beagle -- see whether the omapfb problems are now fixed. * Test omap/vexpress beta release candidates when they've been respun. * Follow up with jcrigby on how to enable building of a fixed linux-tools package for linaro.

Nicolas Pitre

* Merged some fixes for ARM profiling and for the OMAP framebuffer in the linaro 2.6.35 stable kernel tree * Handling of patches for i.MX51 and CONFIG_NEON * Review of the DT patchset from gcl's git tree. Some style issues only so far. * Tested patch for bug 620611: turned out to be insufficient. investigation for a proper fix has led me deep down in the generic mm code. * Some minor progress on the SECCOMP patch. * Misc (meeting attendance, mailing list monitoring, etc.)

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