Wednesday 13 Oct 2010

People Present

  • slangasek
  • JamieBennett

  • dmart
  • hrw
  • jcrigby
  • ppearse
  • npitre


  • wookey (VAC)


  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Blueprint status
  • Blueprint




    finished cross-building xulrunner; continuing to move up the stack



    cross-compiler package being generalized, easier to select a different ARM target with a package rebuild


    npitre, jcrigby

    all patches from this cycle pushed up to RMK. Linaro kernel packages continue to track main linux package for Ubuntu maverick, with the first stable release update of linux-linaro this week.



    enhancing packaging of smem to capture system memory usage at boot time



    implemented and upstreamed



    addressing upstream feedback on u-boot DT patches and resubmitting



    xdeb fixes landed in archive right before Ubuntu release; xdeb being picked up for use by ARM engineers internally and put through its paces

Action Items from this Meeting

  • dmart to take a look at packaging extra tool in smem source and then bombard slangasek with questions

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • hrw, ppearse to follow up on what's needed to build flavored cross-compilers for ppa (DONE)
  • JamieBennett to ask Anmar about improving (DONE)

  • slangasek to nudge Keybuk to review bootchart changes rather than redirecting to upstream, since Ubuntu and upstream are quite out of sync

Status Reports

Peter Pearse


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • PPA for cross build now has 22 packages
    • Built more packages straight from Ubuntu with xdeb
      • 54 of 82 packages in the original alip-ael can be built now


  • Somewhere to put flavoured binaries & associated host toolchain binaries


John Rigby

Kernel Packaging

  • Did another kernel based on latest Ubuntu and linaro 2.6.35-stable. Pull request has gone to Tim but that was on Monday and he was probably off.


  • Got confirmation from Wolfgang that he intends to pull my device tree support for ARM into his tree so looks like this is done.
  • Added ST-Ericsson UX500 patches to our unified tree and pushed it to a -next tree on
  • Pointed Shawn (irc gsc_) at the right way to fix imx51 default u-boot env.

Next Week

  • Start a serious effort of cleaning up ST-Ericsson u-boot with goal of pushing upstream later in the year.

Dave Martin


* Played some more with smem -- smemcap.c which is in the smem package is very lightweight and works well for capturing the data from /proc. The data can be processed by smem, but should still leave the flexibility to use another analysis tool.


Stalled on ARM


* arm-m-missing-security-features -- should now be complete.


Some time spent testing release images, raising bugs, tweaking linaro-media-create etc.


* Resurrect the bootchart memory charting conversation.

Nicolas Pitre

  • More pushing of kernel patches (with additional justifications in some cases) to RMK. At this point all those ARM patches I've produced are merged in RMK's tree.
  • Posted those patches for poll/fasync on /dev/vcs*, gathered comments and reposted amended patches.
  • Merged some more fixes into the Linaro 2.6.35 stable tree, as well as dynamic ftrace support.
  • Review of some patches for DCC as a serial port, some SDIO changes, and a few other random things.
  • Usual misc (meeting attendance, mailing list monitoring and "lively" discussions, etc.)

Jamie Bennett

This Week


  • Talked with Mounir about standard reporting tools. Seems the open source Eclipse plug-in BiRT could be a candidate for our needs. Getting the launchpad data into BiRT is the tricky part. Started investigating the possibilities.

  • More editmoin hacking. Nearly there but beginning to think that there may be alternative for reporting out there.
  • Lots of merging of proposed branches into seeds, configs, tools.
  • Bit of bug-track hacking. Seems there is a bit of interest in making this more polished and functional. Will take more time to discuss what people want from it at UDS.

  • Meeting with ARM to discuss Linaro plans for next cycle. Meeting notes can be found at:
  • Meeting with Ian Smith to discuss tracking working items. The infrastructure team is interested in doing some work here but finding out what format for the reports people want is proving difficult.
  • Meeting with Anmar to discuss UDS and other logistical things that need work.
  • Weekly Foundations, Linaro Release and Ubuntu Release meetings.

  • Some final work around the getting the new public Mumble server up. Write-up instructions at:
  • Linaro@UDS related admin.
  • Produced monthly report for Linaro.


  • Investigate alternative project management tools for next cycle. Maybe we can inject Launchpad data into an external tool which will help?
  • More Linaro@UDS preparations.

Marcin Juszkiewicz

  • cross compiler packages:
    • binutils built without sysroot - fixed 598389
    • libgcc1-dbg version mangling - fixed 646729
    • flavoured toolchains will be easier - need to finish tests and clean patches

Meeting Log

Meeting opened by slangasek at 15:04

<slangasek> [LINK]

  • <slangasek> [TOPIC] Review action items from previous meeting

Review action items from previous meeting

  • <slangasek> wookey: are your officemates about? :)

    <slangasek> * hrw, ppearse to follow up on what's needed to build flavored cross-compilers for ppa

    <slangasek> * JamieBennett to ask Anmar about improving

    <slangasek> * slangasek to nudge Keybuk to review bootchart changes rather than redirecting to upstream, since Ubuntu and upstream are quite out of sync

    <slangasek> mine is a carry-over

    <JamieBennett> Mine. The website will be revamped soon, the format should be much easier to read

    <slangasek> hey, cool

    <slangasek> JamieBennett: so "done" as far as you're concerned?

    <JamieBennett> slangasek: yes

    <slangasek> hrw: did you talk to ppearse, does he understand now what he needs for building cross-compilers?

    <dmart> hi, sorry for the delay (overrunning meeting)

    <slangasek> dmart: no worries

    <hrw> slangasek: yes, and I have a version which makes flavoured toolchain much easier

    <slangasek> and which I will soon review for you :)

    <slangasek> [TOPIC] Blueprint status

Blueprint status

  • <slangasek> $ echo $(shuf -e hrw npitre jcrigby dmart wookey slangasek ppearse JamieBennett aviksil)

    <slangasek> aviksil hrw wookey JamieBennett slangasek npitre dmart jcrigby ppearse

    <slangasek> avik doesn't seem to be on IRC, so hrw:

    <hrw> ok

    <hrw> this week I made changes to armel-cross-toolchain-base and gcc-4.[45]-armel-cross packages which makes build of flavoured toolchain easy

    <hrw> user can set: arch (v4t/5/6/7), thumb (yes/no), float mode (soft/hard/softfp), fpu mode and then rebuild whole toolchain

    <slangasek> yay :)

    <hrw> packages and binaries names are not changed so any non standard compiler conflicts with default one

  • slangasek nods

    <hrw> need to clean/rewrite patches and send them to doko for review

    <slangasek> the package names are already complicated enough for now :)

    <hrw> slangasek: binary packages have simple names

    <slangasek> simple is complicated enough! :)

    <slangasek> hrw: anything else?

    <hrw> thats all from me this week

    <slangasek> ok, thanks

    <slangasek> wookey: here?

    <slangasek> we'll double back at the end

    <slangasek> JamieBennett:

    <JamieBennett> For me:

    <JamieBennett> No blueprints but heres what I've been up to

    <JamieBennett> * More UDS prep work. Arranging some video coverage and other materials for the event. Some people *will* be interviewed :)

    <JamieBennett> * Lots of branch review and merging.

    <JamieBennett> * Planning the reporting and tracking aspects of next cycle. Investigating other tools which may help us.

    <JamieBennett> * Some editmoin hacking, stuck on one aspect atm, talked to Gustavo and nothing it obvious, will continue looking into it.

    <JamieBennett> * Lots of meetings with ARM and the rest of the team about UDS, the release and next cycle. Some meetings about the new Linaro website.

    <JamieBennett> and a couple of points

    <JamieBennett> * We now have a Linaro Mumble server, please use it :)

    <JamieBennett> * Also, we have been asked to push for a Panda image this cycle and some promotional material (video) of the Panda board in action with Linaro. hrw is lending me his Panda board to try to come up with something.

    <JamieBennett> EOF

    <slangasek> has everyone here managed to get themselves set up on the mumble server?

    <npitre> nope

    <hrw> JamieBennett: reading email discussion about my panda was interesting ;D

    <slangasek> npitre: some day we'll get a client that works for you...

    <JamieBennett> hrw: heh hopefully it will come before UDS so I can do something with it

    <slangasek> JamieBennett: where are you stuck on editmoin?

    <hrw> JamieBennett: dhl/ups/fedex have "next day" type of package

    <JamieBennett> slangasek: Authentication works but there is some issues with the file communication. I'm not sure moinmoin was designed for scripting attachments

    <slangasek> ah

    <JamieBennett> still looking in to it and will push some code to launchpad for others to look at today

    <slangasek> ok, cool

    <hrw> moinmoin was yet another minus when I started work for canonical

    <slangasek> JamieBennett: thanks

    <slangasek> looks like I'm next

    <slangasek> no blueprint /implementation/ work for me either this past week, but I am slowly but surely getting the 11.05 blueprints into the system... so those will get assignees and drafters this week

    <slangasek> once that's done, please make sure you work on them before UDS, to break down in as much detail as you can what needs to be done to implement the blueprint for this cycle

    <slangasek> so filling out a wiki spec and/or adding work items

    <slangasek> (I'll pass around the link to the blueprint drafting guidelines later, to refresh everyone's memory)

    <slangasek> any questions for me?

    <slangasek> npitre:

    <npitre> I've been pushing (and justifying) all the kernel patches I've worked on towards RMK

    <npitre> and they're all in now

    <npitre> including all the security features

    <slangasek> hurray!

    <npitre> I'm now looking at other ppl's patches

    <npitre> on the DT front, it was discussed with a couple folks in last week's kernel wg meeting

    <npitre> the general consensus is that DT won't be production ready even for next cycle

    <npitre> that's about it for me

    <slangasek> thanks

    <slangasek> dmart:

    <dmart> hi ther

    <dmart> -e

    <dmart> some of the week was spent doing image testing and dealing with issues that cropped up

    <dmart> also spent a bit more time looking at smem for analysing memory usage:

    <dmart> It has a simple tool for capturing memory usage info from /proc for offline analysis/

    <dmart> We could potentially run this in our images... any ideas who would be the best person to discuss with?

    <slangasek> dmart: discussing its inclusion in the image?

    <dmart> slangasek: yep. Currently it's not in any binary package (or even built ... it's a .c file in /usr/share/doc/*/examples)

    <dmart> Also, it would be useful to actually run it at the last stage of boot

    <dmart> ... but that could be contraversial (?)

    <slangasek> dmart: packaging it and including it in the headless image should be easy, at least; if you want it installed in other images by default, we probably need to talk to User Platforms

    <dmart> Is there a simple recipe for creating a new binary package?

    <slangasek> having it run at the last stage of boot may be tricky just in terms of knowing what "the last stage of boot" is for an upstart system :)

    <dmart> This is just an extra thing to be built from the smem sources

    <slangasek> but I don't think it's too controversial, and we can take some hints from bootchart

    <dmart> slangasek: ^ [last stage of boot] err, yeah, I was wondering about that

    <slangasek> maybe float a proposal on the mailing list?

    <slangasek> are you going to have a look at the packaging to get it built?

    <dmart> slangasek: happy to have a go at it, but I might need some pointers to get started. OK if I take a look at the smem source package and then bombard you with questions?

    <slangasek> dmart: absolutely!

    <dmart> ok

    <slangasek> [ACTION] dmart to take a look at packaging extra tool in smem source and then bombard slangasek with questions

dmart to take a look at packaging extra tool in smem source and then bombard slangasek with questions

  • <slangasek> :)

    <slangasek> dmart: anything else?

    <slangasek> jcrigby:

    <dmart> slangasek: ^ no, that's all for now

    <slangasek> ta

    <jcrigby> nothing exciting

    <jcrigby> new kernel uploaded/built yesterda, meta a few hours ago

    <slangasek> so that's our first linux-linaro SRU :)

    <jcrigby> yes

    <jcrigby> I was glad I had asked what a pocket was before Tim used the word

    <jcrigby> working on a next u-boot trying to include the st-ericsson stuff

    <slangasek> targeted at 10.11?

    <jcrigby> and some mx51 env updates

    <jcrigby> slangasek, don't know

    <slangasek> ok

    <slangasek> when you know, let me know? :)

    <jcrigby> I know folks are working on getting mx51 and ux500 hwpacks working

  • slangasek nods

    <hrw> jcrigby: will st-e get kernel updated to get ux500 supported in natty?

    <jcrigby> but I think they sort of roll their own u-boots

    <jcrigby> hrw, I'm not looking at the kernel

    <hrw> jcrigby: ok

    <jcrigby> just u-boot

    <jcrigby> My goal is to upstream the st-e u-boot in time for inclusion in 2010.03

    <jcrigby> I think the merge window for that will be in december timeframe

  • hrw needs to re-read list of people in toolchainwg/foundations/etc

    <slangasek> jcrigby: ah; if we can get them using the consolidated u-boot for 10.11 instead of a hand-rolled, that would be good then - subject to the Linaro feature freeze

    <slangasek> hrw: for kernel consolidation questions, npitre is your man

    <jcrigby> slangasek, yes and the changes are minimal so I the chances of breaking the other platforms are minimal

  • slangasek nods

    <jcrigby> that is why my -next has nothing to do with upstream -next

    <slangasek> sure

    <jcrigby> the last thing is wolfgang finally took a close look at my fdt stuff and had lots to say

    <jcrigby> I am working on that right now

    <slangasek> ah, great :)

    <jcrigby> mostly long commit messages to explain one line fixes

    <slangasek> presumably not all positive feedback, but maybe all good feedback? :)

    <jcrigby> any feedback is good feedback

    <jcrigby> :)

  • slangasek grins

    <jcrigby> and that is it for now

    <slangasek> jcrigby: thanks

    <slangasek> dmart: are wookey, ppearse around?

    <dmart> ppearse is around

    <dmart> wookey is on holiday

    <slangasek> oh right

    <dmart> [ppearse connecting...]

    <slangasek> maybe I should stick that in the Linaro Leaves calendar, since it's the only place I remember from day to day where people are :P

    <npitre> are we going to finish the meeting before the hour? ;)

    <slangasek> npitre: that's always the goal... :)

    <slangasek> ppearse: hey there!

    <slangasek> ppearse: you're on :)

    <ppearse> Um - apologies for lateness

    <ppearse> Just crossing more packages.

    <slangasek> man, wookey's leave *is* in the calendar, and I apparently really can't read :P

    <ppearse> Struggling with xulrunner this week

    <slangasek> ppearse: PPAs looking good?

    <ppearse> Got past two blockages, waiting for the third

    <ppearse> PPA work for me ;-)

    <ppearse> Here I might have access to peope@linaro soon

    <slangasek> xulrunner> sounds like good progress

    <ppearse> s/peope/people/

    <slangasek> ppearse: from the RT ticket trail, I think you should already have access

    <ppearse> OK I'll try tomorrow

    <slangasek> let us know if you're not getting in

    <ppearse> Will do

    <slangasek> I'm not sure if people.l.o is set up for shell access, or just sftp - JamieBennett, do you know?

    <JamieBennett> slangasek: shell works for me

    <slangasek> ok

    <ppearse> ARM internal people starting to use xdeb for flavoured builds

    <ppearse> Have a shiny new laptop to take to UDS

    <ppearse> That's it from me

    <slangasek> any feedback from them on xdeb?

    <ppearse> Too early - still chrooting etc

    <slangasek> ok

    <hrw> ppearse: I will give you source packages for flavoured toolchains

    <hrw> btw - which wiki page describes use?

    <JamieBennett> hrw: there isn't one

    <hrw> Creating directory '/home/hrw'.

    <hrw> hrw@peony:~$

    <hrw> ok, looks like there is no need for such

    <ppearse> Should ssh work (with my launchpad key)?

    <JamieBennett> ppearse: should do

    <slangasek> ppearse: it may be your LP ID, so 'peter-pearse' instead?

    <JamieBennett> although drop the . in your name

    <JamieBennett> ?

    <JamieBennett> Its all to do with your key in launchpad

    <slangasek> [TOPIC] AOB


  • <slangasek> to reiterate, is up and running... if you have an Ubuntu desktop, you can install the mumble package

    <hrw> do we move confcalls to mumble now?

    <slangasek> mumble is a nice lightweight group-VoIP interface, useful for casual chats... and I'll prefer to get one-on-one chats migrated over there as well for the ARM guys, so dmart, ppearse, if you can get that up and running, that'll save us some change on phone bills :)

    <ppearse> ack

    <slangasek> hrw: that's at the discretion of the individual call organizers

    <slangasek> anything else, or shall we adjourn?

    <JamieBennett> nothing from me

  • hrw nothing

    <ppearse> xulrunner just installing \o/

    <slangasek> ppearse: woot :)

    <dmart> slangasek: I may have a patch for you instead of questions ... doubtless very wrong

    <slangasek> ppearse: now I just need to get my live-helper cross-building hacks sorted out and packaged, so you can do Linaro-ALIP builds entirely under qemu :)

    <slangasek> dmart: fine by me! :

    <slangasek> )

    <slangasek> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 15:59

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