Wednesday 20 Oct 2010

People Present

  • slangasek
  • JamieBennett

  • dmart
  • hrw
  • jcrigby
  • ppearse
  • wookey
  • npitre
  • aviksil


  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Blueprint drafting for 11.05 this week
  • Blueprint status
  • Blueprint





    40 packages now patched for cross-building; patches being improved for upstreaming



    extending flavored toolchain builds to support -mcpu option


    npitre, jcrigby

    mx51 mmc support pushed to maverick-updates, along with fix for console text corruption on omap; patches from Jeremy Kerr queued for mainline



    will to testing guys about how to make use of smem



    u-boot devicetree support for ARM has been accepted upstream



    updating documentation about xdeb usage

  • AOB

Action Items from this Meeting

  • npitre to produce status from git about volume of Linaro kernel patch upstreaming

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • dmart to take a look at packaging extra tool in smem source and then bombard slangasek with questions (DONE)
  • slangasek to nudge Keybuk to review bootchart changes rather than redirecting to upstream, since Ubuntu and upstream are quite out of sync

Status Reports

Peter Pearse


  • arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation
    • PPA for cross build now has 34 packages
    • Built more packages straight from Ubuntu with xdeb; 57 of 82 packages in the original alip-ael can be built now


  • Setting up repositories on


Meeting Log

Meeting opened by slangasek at 15:04

  • <slangasek> [TOPIC] Review action items from last meeting

Review action items from last meeting

  • <slangasek> * dmart to take a look at packaging extra tool in smem source and then bombard slangasek with questions

    <slangasek> * slangasek to nudge Keybuk to review bootchart changes rather than redirecting to upstream, since Ubuntu and upstream are quite out of sync

    <slangasek> dmart: smem is packaged now, and I think I've fielded outstanding questions :) we just need to get that merged into the seed now, right?

    <dmart> slangasek: I think so. Installing smemcap from the overlay ppa seems to work fine

    <slangasek> yay :)

    <slangasek> and mine is a carry-over again... well, Keybuk will be at UDS, won't he

    <slangasek> so we can corner him there :)

    <slangasek> [TOPIC] Blueprint drafting for 11.05 this week

Blueprint drafting for 11.05 this week - list of specs USERNAME is drafter for

  • <slangasek> wookey: I didn't mark that one as needing a UDS session... which works out well enough since you're not physically at UDS

    <wookey> cheers hrw - that does the trick

    <hrw> slangasek: will there be private meeting at start of UDS to meet other Linaro people?

    <hrw> wookey: without it I am lost in blueprints

    <wookey> howe does one find this stuff out?

    <hrw> wookey: LP -> your page -> blueprint -> look at right

    <wookey> 'ask on irc' I guess

    <JamieBennett> hrw: no meeting is planned

    <hrw> JamieBennett: ok, thx

    <slangasek> hrw: I'm not sure if we'll have something at the start, but I do know there are plans for an evening gathering one night so we can all meet each other :)

    <wookey> I didn't realise there were sessionless blueprints

    <JamieBennett> hrw: meeting after the opening sessions though

    <dmart> Do we have a standard place on the linaro wiki for blueprint wiki pages?

    <JamieBennett> dmart: yes

  • JamieBennett digs out the link

    <hrw> dmart: good question. Does Linaro specs goes to wiki.linaro or wiki.ubuntu?

    <slangasek> wookey: you can create blueprints at random in the system, without attaching them to a sprint... we use the "propose for sprint" specifically for UDS scheduling

    <JamieBennett> hrw: dmart:

    <hrw> JamieBennett: ok, will have to move one then

    <wookey> Can someone explain Why do we have new $subject blueprint rather than carrying on with existing one?

    <dmart> JamieBennett: ok

    <hrw> [LINK]

  • <asac> wookey: you can carry unfinished specs over, but often its better to have a clear "part-2" spec

  • asac sorry for interrupting ... didnt figure this is meeting channel

    <wookey> np

    <wookey> any whay are some name with 'n' and some not?

    <slangasek> JamieBennett: do we have good documentation at this point about blueprint drafting? Last cycle I pointed to

    <slangasek> wookey: the 'n' is supposed to be in the name of any spec that's being scheduled for UDS

    <JamieBennett> slangasek: thats the best link, Mounir did a presentation about it but it just takes points from that wiki page

    <hrw> slangasek: SpecSpec is default for it

    <slangasek> wookey: format is $track-$team-n-$description

    <wookey> aha

    <slangasek> [LINK] - documentation on how to draft a spec for your blueprint - documentation on how to draft a spec for your blueprint

  • <slangasek> so yes, if you haven't already, please read that wiki page for an explanation of how to write specs for a blueprint, and please do so *this week* for any specs you've been assigned as drafter for

    <slangasek> if you have questions about the process, you can grab me or JamieBennett on IRC

    <JamieBennett> right

    <slangasek> but the basic process is: 1) think about the problem 2) write down a description of the problem 3) write down the proposed solutions to the problem :)

    <slangasek> any questions on that right now?

    <wookey> could I ask that this time we talk about cross-compiling generally rather than xdeb specifically?

    <hrw> wookey: which session you mean?

    <wookey> the 'xdeb' one

    <slangasek> btw, there are also a few other sessions people have asked me for, outside of the Developer Platform topic, that I don't have scheduled yet; don't worry yet, I'll get those added today. If you don't see them by tomorrow, then worry ;)

    <wookey> I feel that putting the prefferred answer in the title limits discussion

    <wookey> even if it does actually turn out to be the right answer

    <hrw> I hope to not get lost in list of sessions

    <hrw> last uds was simpler - I just attended all arm^Wlinaro ones

    <slangasek> wookey: let me get back to you on that question after the meeting

    <wookey> sure

    <slangasek> [TOPIC] Blueprint status

Blueprint status

  • <slangasek> $ echo $(shuf -e hrw npitre jcrigby dmart wookey slangasek ppearse JamieBennett aviksil)

    <slangasek> jcrigby aviksil slangasek JamieBennett wookey hrw npitre ppearse dmart

    <slangasek> jcrigby: hi

    <jcrigby> hi

    <jcrigby> u-boot:

    <jcrigby> devtree stuff has gone mainline

    <slangasek> nice

    <jcrigby> kernel:

    <jcrigby> sending pull req today for latest

    <jcrigby> includes mmc support for mx51

    <jcrigby> and better fix for ioremap issue that fixes the console text corruption

    <jcrigby> thats about it

    <slangasek> oh, the console text corruption gets fixed this cycle after all? great :)

    <jcrigby> yes, thanks to unofficial RMK patch

    <slangasek> aviksil: care to share your progress on lttng investigations?

    <aviksil> sure :)

    <aviksil> working on building linux-linaro source package on maverick running on kvm.

    <aviksil> as lttng will be packaged based on it

    <aviksil> facing issues with xdeb & dpkg-buildpackage.

    <slangasek> got your disk allocation problem sorted? :)

    <aviksil> some packages like libdw-dev are not getting installed for armel architecture.

    <aviksil> hence trying out fresh maverick installation and linux-linaro build for armel in chroot as kvm guest is resource constrained.

    <wookey> aviksil: feel free to whinge at me or file bugs

    <hrw> aviksil: I finally found issue

    <aviksil> wookey: ok

    <aviksil> hrw: whats that?

    <slangasek> yes, I think I saw discussion of this earlier today on #linaro, right?

    <hrw> aviksil: those two [arch:armel] lines were needed

    <hrw> slangasek: yes

  • wookey is updating some docs now

    <wookey> as that bit was kind of secret....

    <slangasek> hrw, wookey: you'll take care of getting aviksil over this road bump?

    <wookey> xdeb conspicuously lacks docs

    <aviksil> wookey: hrw: i'll try it

    <wookey> sure

    <aviksil> 2. getting familiar with git to merge lttng git branch with linux-linaro-next.

    <aviksil> thats it

    <slangasek> aviksil: thanks for the update!

    <slangasek> hmm, I'm next, but I have nothing to report that I haven't already :)

    <slangasek> JamieBennett:

    <JamieBennett> I'm working on UDS planning, the new Linaro website, getting the Pandaboard running, Linaro wiki changes and now slangasek has given me a few blueprints, spec drafting ;)

    <slangasek> JamieBennett: only one of the two specs is aligned with a UDS session, and I think there's probably not much advanced drafting needed; if you're too busy with UDS planning, don't hesitate to throw it back at me

    <JamieBennett> I'll look into tomorrow, if you have thoughts, especially on what developer tools to include, please add them to the spec when its created

    <slangasek> will do - thanks

    <slangasek> wookey:

  • wookey was mostly on holiday (nice and warm :-)

    <wookey> xdeb updates (0.6.3) merged just before I left

    <wookey> slangasek: What is xdeb 0.6.3 status -did it get SRUed? Or are you waiting on me for more changes?

    <slangasek> did you bring us back souvenirs!

    <wookey> (sorry not sure how to find out myself)

    <slangasek> wookey: is that the 0.6.3 that I sorted the version number for and uploaded to maverick release as 0.6.2, or is there another set of 0.6.3 changes I haven't seen yet?

    <slangasek> (lool's 0.6.2 changes had never been uploaded, so I merged your changelog entry with his and uploaded)

    <slangasek> anyway, if that's the one you're referring to, it's in the maverick release :)

    <wookey> Ah. OK. that confused me

    <wookey> I'll check but there is nothing new since the 9th

    <wookey> Currently updating wiki on cross-building, as starting to get actual users asking questions (in arm and linaro)

  • hrw subscribed 47 blueprints

    <wookey> I think it's time to put xdeb in Debian (or at least emdebian). People are wanting to use it and apt-cross is getting the boot. Timing with release is awkward but worth asking. presumably we add a -debian branch for thinbgs where ubuntu bzr is upstream? or should it be -squeeze?

    <slangasek> wookey: should be discussed with the other xdeb committers how we should handle this; I would in general say that if we're at the point of looking to push to Debian, it's time for it to no longer be a native package, and just maintain a packaging branch

    <hrw> wookey: agreed on Debian

    <slangasek> hrw: 47? I don't think you're going to make it to all the sessions :)

    <slangasek> wookey: anyway, I also agree we should have it in Debian

    <hrw> slangasek: this allows me to have less sessions to choose from

    <wookey> OK, I guess you and lool understand how to do the right bzr things.

    <wookey> fewer :-)

    <wookey> how do we proceed on that?

    <hrw> wookey: danke

    <slangasek> wookey: send mail to prod us into splitting the packaging into its own branch?

    <wookey> Ah I see. right

    <wookey> OK, that's all from me

  • hrw then

    <slangasek> it's definitely touchy to get it Right (i.e., with full-on Ubuntu Distributed Development integration of the branches)

    <slangasek> hrw: yep, go ahead

    <hrw> did some xdeb bug checking - thats why wookey has to update docs now

    <slangasek> :-)

    <hrw> tested my flavoured toolchain source packages - need one extension to cover -mcpu - requested by M. Hope

    <hrw> slangasek: I think after uds it has to land in natty finally

    <slangasek> I still owe you review and/or merging of your changes for that

    <hrw> all my mchines use natty toolchain/kernel now

    <slangasek> it doesn't have to wait until after uds to be pushed to natty... though in practice it may

    <slangasek> what with everyone being busy :)

    <hrw> my plans are: develop toolchains for natty, backport them for maverick and do build of natty/maveirck one for lucid

    <hrw> so natty will use natty versions, maverick will use maverick + some natty patches, lucid will use same as maverick

    <hrw> but lucid one will be build under lucid

    <hrw> and got better view due to my css hacking ;D

    <hrw> thats all

    <slangasek> that reminds me - there is a Linaro-specific schedule view in the system that shows just those sessions that have "linaro" in the name; but I have forgotten the URL for it. I'll make sure that gets passed around before next week

    <wookey> I pasted it further up

    <JamieBennett> slangasek: append ?linaro_only

    <JamieBennett> to the url

    <slangasek> it's a good idea for you each to go look at the schedule and subscribe to those blueprints that interest you... that lets you get a "my sessions" view of the day

    <slangasek> JamieBennett: thanks

    <slangasek> [ACTION] everyone to look at the UDS schedule and subscribe to other sessions they're interested in attending

everyone to look at the UDS schedule and subscribe to other sessions they're interested in attending

  • <slangasek> indeed!

    <slangasek> are we going to have a front page anywhere that provides direct links for the linaro_only URLs?

    <wookey> wow that hotel is pink

    <JamieBennett> slangasek: The post-it note on the front page takes you to that page

    <slangasek> wookey: see what you're missing out on!

  • npitre doesn't mind

    <wookey> :-)

  • slangasek grins

    <slangasek> ok, moving on

    <wookey> ah I had palm trees last week

    <slangasek> npitre:

    <npitre> lots of kernel patch shuffling last week

    <npitre> first all those patches I wanted in mainline are queued upstream

    <npitre> including those from jk

    <slangasek> wonderful!

    <npitre> merged support for MMC on iMX51 into the Linaro tree

    <npitre> lots of dammage^Wdiscussion on the mailing list ;-)

    <slangasek> npitre: do we have any sort of statistics about kernel patches upstreamed from/through Linaro? There's management interest in having such statistics, for obvious reasons :)

    <npitre> I can produce some stats out of Git but I don't expect those to be spectacular

    <slangasek> it's still useful to know, even if it's not spectacular

    <npitre> that's about it for me

    <slangasek> [ACTION] npitre to produce status from git about volume of Linaro kernel patch upstreaming

npitre to produce status from git about volume of Linaro kernel patch upstreaming

  • <slangasek> thanks

    <slangasek> ppearse: hi there, glad you managed to get un-urgent'ed

    <wookey> how do we get a list of all (relevant) blueprints - not just the ones with sessions?

    <ppearse> /one eye

    <ppearse> \one eye

    <ppearse> /me one eye

    <ppearse> \me one eye

    <slangasek> wookey: how do you define relevant?

    <ppearse> gosh how does me go

    <slangasek> ppearse: should be /me <text> with no space before the slash

    <wookey> good question. I mean ones that are current and arm/linaro related

  • ppearse has it now

    <slangasek> wookey: let's just say that this is an ongoing challenge

    <wookey> OK - I was trying not to miss important things

    <JamieBennett> slangasek: wookey: there is no easy way apart from looking at all the projects you are interested in individually

    <slangasek> wookey: we can grab various subsets of that, e.g., "arm/linaro sessions at UDS", "arm/linaro sessions targeted to natty", but it's hard to get a list of *all* of them

    <wookey> (I see nothing on arm hard/soft float future for example, which is a big deal IMHO)

    <wookey> OK. I guess those two covers it

    <slangasek> wookey: that's pending scheduling; we will have markos at UDS

    <wookey> cool

    <slangasek> ppearse: anything to mention regarding cross-building progress?

    <JamieBennett> ppearse: can you also get someone to test the VE images tomorrow, Matt is on vacation

    <ppearse> 40 packages patched for cross building

    <ppearse> Some correctly - thanks wookey, other just enough to work

    <ppearse> JamieBennett: ARM person has volunteered....

    <slangasek> do you have a list of those that are patched correctly, and are you looking for any help feeding those changes back into Ubuntu / Debian?

    <JamieBennett> ppearse: great

    <wookey> I was planning to review his patch collection

    <wookey> and see what was upstreamable

    <slangasek> ok

    <ppearse> No and one of my new work items

    <slangasek> sounds good

    <ppearse> Some I know require more work e.g. I've dropped introspection in several, but I'm confident I can put it back, given time....

    <slangasek> right, I guess dropping introspection is not a change we'll be pushing anywhere :)

    <slangasek> dmart:

    <ppearse> Other, early ones I know better how to patch after 40 tries

    <slangasek> ppearse: sorry to cut you off, but we're at time for the meeting :/

    <dmart> ok

    <ppearse> fine - that was my last anyway

    <dmart> a bit more memory footprint stuff - packaged smemcap so we can capture memory usage data is part of testing

    <dmart> I'll talk to the testing guys about how we make use of it

    <slangasek> sounds good

    <dmart> Also, spent some time helping make a video showing how to get started with the linaro images

    <dmart> (which hopefully won't be too out of date by the time it's published...)

    <dmart> not much other progress this week...

    <slangasek> out-of-date> does it reference the non-linaro hwpack urls? That's the only thing I know is changing

    <dmart> I go through the motions, but very much de-emphasise the URLs - it's more "you'll need to download a couple of things ... look, the wiki has the links"

    <slangasek> ah, good - so that should hold up :)

    <slangasek> do you know where those videos are to be posted?

    <dmart> hopefully - I'll have to see what the editing guys cut together


    <dmart> I expect it can be made available there ... StephenDoel knows more

    <slangasek> ok

    <slangasek> [TOPIC] AOB


  • <dmart> Someone will send a link out when it's ready

  • dmart is pleased to see his patch to coreutils to make "dmart" sort last got published

    <slangasek> anything else? everyone have their shopping list ready for Florida?

    <dmart> (only joking)

    <slangasek> dmart: haha

    <npitre> need to find out if I have any blueprint drafting duties

    <wookey> slangasek: is it too late to propose new blueprints?

    <slangasek> npitre: none from our side; has the kernel wg started blueprint drafting for this cycle?

    <slangasek> wookey: nope - but the sooner the better

    <slangasek> wookey: feel free to register it directly in the system and point me at it

    <wookey> OK. will check the list (and be unsure whether I';m just missing it or not)

    <wookey> s/it/something/

    <slangasek> (I /think/ you're allowed to create blueprints without special privs... if you run into trouble, just tell me what you want added)

    <slangasek> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 16:09

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