In LAVA server there are many Development Boards are connected via socket. To access these remote board which are connect to lava server can be accessed by ssh from your local machine to lava server and then from the lava server you can telnet to the given board.

Get access

This access is not public, most of the lava job can be done by SubmittingTests

if you are sure that you want to get access to the boards connected to lava server then follow the steps

  • To get access to lava server via ssh. Send request to or along with your details launchpad ID and Email ID, and which Development Board you want to access and purpose.

  • This Access request should have approved by your Team Lead or Project Manager.

Login Lava server

  • After the confirmation of access you can login into lava server

yourname@localmachine$ ssh
  • you will see below terminal prompt


you have successful login now.

Access Remote Board

YourlaunchpadID@linaro-gateway:~$ telnet serialNo PortNo

once you login you can see below message please "Enter" to get shell prompt

YourlaunchpadID@linaro-gateway:~$ telnet serialNo PortNo
Trying 192.168.X.XX...
Connected to serialNo.
Escape character is '^]'.



  • please refer this page for complete information hackbox

you have every thing you wanted. start playing with it.

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