This page is a placeholder which hosts all the processes specific to the Validation Team.


In Validation Team, we have 2 kinds of blueprints: engineering and investigation. They follow the same template:

Roadmap id:

Work items:


  • investigation blueprints have a headline set to "N/A".
  • Roadmap id field is required only if the blueprint is part of Linaro Roadmap. See current lane on Status.

Here's some best practices:

  • subscribe "linaro-validation" team to all the blueprints created. It allows to share the progress with all the team members.
  • milestone target should be set to "backlog" on the blueprint creation. TL/PM have the responsibility to re-target to a monthly cycle and set the priority, according to Linaro's priorities.
  • when a bug affects the blueprint, link it with "(+) Link a bug report".
  • use the work item editor (greasemonkey script) to avoid typos.
  • on top of the whiteboard, comments are allowed and use the form [lp-id, yyyy-mm-dd] your comments here..

[lp-id, yyyy-mm-dd] here's a comment.

Headline: here's my headline.
Acceptance: here's my acceptance criteria.
Roadmap id: LAVA2011-KERNEL-CI

Work items:
Here's my work item 1: DONE
Here's my work item 2: INPROGRESS
Here's my work item 3: TODO


  • lava-investigation: bugs that requires investigation and ensure LAVA is working as expected.


See How to release LAVA componenent and release process documents.

See here to upgrade LAVA production instance.

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