Linaro Evaluation Builds for Ubuntu target low cost development boards for Linaro Member SoCs and aim to feature a fully enabled Ubuntu experience. This document sets the scope of the BSP delivery required from Linaro members to enable the DevPlatform Team to produce such builds.

The deliverables documented on this page are designed to allow Linaro DevPlatform Team to work on the following topics:

  • release fully enabled Ubuntu images for low cost development boards to the public (LEB).
  • validate and benchmark fully enabled builds as part of Linaros Validation efforts (LAVA)
  • integrate and showcase Linaro Working Group output and their performance impact in LEBs

Features + Deliverables

For 11.05 Ubuntu LEB release, the Linaro Platform Team requires delivery of board support components that are required to support the primary features of the Ubuntu Desktop/Netbook user experience. This comprises:

  • Accelerated Graphics (2D, 3D, Xorg) + framebuffer
  • Accelerated Multimedia Playback for codecs MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and H.264
  • ALSA audio support (DSP support optionally for audio playback)
  • Primary Networking Support (LAN, WLAN)
  • Serial console
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • MMC/SD support (kernel + bootloader)

The features above are typically delivered through the following components:

  • a freely redistributable flash tool compatible with Ubuntu maverick and above (if the target board requires)
  • kernel
  • open-source bootloader
  • Graphics Framework (kernel, EGL/GLES, xorg with blitter or NEON support for 2D)
  • Multimedia Framework (gstreamer plugins, gstreamer-omx + omx-core, ffmpeg + omx)

The following features are optionally for 11.05; Linaro Platform plans to add those to the requirements in future though, so Members should start the required processes to make those available under distribution terms suitable for an LEB (see section below):

  • Audio DSP (if available on SoC)
  • 3G Data
  • Bluetooth
  • Traditional Mobile Telephony
  • Camera


Linaro strongly believes in open source for board support. In consequence, delivery of binaries is discouraged as integration and support problems cannot directly be resolved by the Linaro Platform Team.

Nevertheless, for practical reasons, Linaro Platform allows Evaluation Builds to be supplemented with binaries to meet the enablement goals mentioned above. Distribution License of those Binaries need to match the requirements below:

  • binaries can be hosted in Ubuntu and Linaro open-source archive if they grant non-discriminating redistribution rights and do not require a click-through EULA
  • hardware packs (comprising all hardware support component), must be redistributable on snapshot.linaro.org and releases.linaro.org; those hosting places do not have the ability to display license information or ask for EULA acceptance before the download; also, hwpacks must be installable by non-humans.

Delivery Deadline

Delivery of software components required to enable Member board for the next Linaro Ubuntu LEB, need to be delivered during the Linaro Development cycle. Linaro schedule explicitly specifies BSP delivery deadline. Exceptions can be granted on a case by case base. Contact your Landing Team or the DevPlatform Project Manager as early as you get to know that your Deliverables will be late.


Deliverables must be compatible with the framework selection and versions that are targeted for the next Linaro release. Typically the framework versions are defined during UDS at the beginning of each cycle.

Compatibility requirements for key frameworks in Linaro 11.05 Ubuntu LEB:

  • kernel 2.6.38
  • gstreamer 0.10.32 is in natty: means that gstreamer plugins delivered need to be compatible with that framework version
  • xorg 7.6 / xorg-server 1.9.99

Information on compatibility requirements for frameworks not listed above can be requested from the LT Tech Lead or Linaro Platform Management.

Binary Libraries delivered under a proprietary license must come with a properly versioned SONAME; details on library versioning are not covered in this document; please contact your Landing Team Tech Lead or Linaro Platform Management for more information.


  • 4+ Boards with accessories must be supplied to the Linaro Android Platform Team
  • 4+ Boards with accessories must be supplied to the Linaro Validation Farm
  • more boards are typically required for the Landing Team; the number of additional hardware required for Landing Teams to support the Android LEB is out of scope of this documents; for details contact Linaro VP of Member Services.

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