• Topic: User Platform - 1 on 1

  • When: 10am UTC

  • Where: Phone

  • Attendees:



    IRC Nick


    Alexander Sack



    Linaro Tech Lead

    Alexandros Frantzis



    Linaro Software Engineer


  • release status alpha2
  • work item planning
  • blockers
  • random


  • release status alpha2
    • alf did all the packages for alpha-2 in his ppa; waits for sponsoring
      • ACTION: send mail to asac with .dsc links; asac to review
    • some benchmark packages have no license
      • asac: we can't distribute and should not put in ppa; upload to chinstrap.canonical.com for now
    • glxgears/es2gears: alf forwarded patch against git upstream; the relevant code does not exist in ubuntu yet; 7.9 will have a Demo source split;
    • qt-qws - way forward: upload to archive
  • work item planning
    • uploads for test-ui-heads benchmarks will happen for alpha2
    • validation for test-ui-heads benchmarks will happen in alpha3
    • une-launcher spec can go away from linaro pov to reduce user platform overload; asac is looking for new owner on ubuntu side - already raised during last release meeting; ogra can tell more after alpha2; otherwise will get dropped from linaro/maverick
    • alf: test definition format needed for lots of alpha-3 work
  • random other things
    • motu sponsoring: no progress; asac will review and sponsor benchmark packages to ubuntu
    • board shipment: package under way to asac; will be shared
    • qt-qws user experience ideas; it came up that investment might be more fruitful in lightweight X11 solutions like kdrive
    • es2gears: lighting was broken all es 2.0
    • clutk needs porting; asac will talk DX team lead on that.


  • ACTION: alf to check on daily mesa packages in #ubuntu-x and will land patch against that, while upstreaming. then upload to ppa and ensure it rolls into ubuntu package/upstream.
  • ACTION: asac to prepare with scottk and connect alf for qt-qws sponsoring through kubuntu-dev
  • ACTION: asac to get update from infrastructure QA on test definition format
  • ACTION: alf to check with x team what that would involve
  • ACTION: asac to talk to DX team on clutk again

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