The Project Management Team is a cross-organizational group responsible for managing requirements, schedules, and status of Working Groups and Landing Teams within Linaro. They work closely with Team/Tech leads and management. Please feel free to contact them about anything related to their assigned areas. You can find much of our work in the PROCESS section.

{i} Our Freenode IRC channel is #linaro-pmo.

Meet the Team

The PM Team

Core Team

Vicky Janicki

Member Services & PMO Program Director

David Zinman

PMO Manager

Anmar Oueja

Landing Team Manager of Project Managers, ARM and ST LT PM

Amro Hassaan

PMO Tools Engineer

Project Managers with Teams

Glen Valante

Broadcom & Qualcomm Landing Teams

Ilias Biris

Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG)

Jakub Pavelek

Linaro Mobile Group (LMG)

James Elliott

Linaro Home Group (LHG)

Serge Broslavsky

Core Development

Usman Ahmad

Fujitsu and Huawei Landing Teams

Marshall Guillory

Linaro Networking Group (LNG)

Jason Liu

ZTE and Spreadtrum Landing Teams

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