Individual Blueprints

Individual blueprints that have been registered.

Benchmark Analysis

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Block Operations

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Track and reduce performance regressions

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There is to some extent a dependency on systematic benchmarking of upstream trunk to make sure regressions upstream are caught early for configurations we care about.


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Work items (Condexec):
Improve cond-exec code generation (2w): TODO
Tune BRANCH_COST properly (1w): TODO
Investigate effect of reducing long latency conditional instructions for A9 (1w): TODO
Implement (1w): TODO
Benchmark (1w): TODO

Widening Multiply

Work Items (widening multiply):
Improve code generated for 64 bit widening multiply from 16 bit operations: TODO
Improve code generated for 64 bit widening multiply and accumulate from 16 bit operations: TODO
Discuss with upstream: TODO
Backport to linaro 4.5: TODO
Backport to Linaro 4.6: TODO

Not yet classified

Work items:

Improve constant generation in Thumb2 (2w): INPROGRESS
Reduce the amount of redundant stores from VFP to ARM Core registers (2w): TODO
Investigate current constant pool generation / placement : TODO 2w
Investigate the register allocator with respect to choice of Thumb1 vs Thumb2 instructions as discussed in the TSC commentary: TODO 3w
Upstreaming cost and Backporting cost is estimated to be very aggressively at about 1w of effort per "implements" work item which adds up to about 8-9w of effort overall ?

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