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[DIFF] 12:07 Info [email protected] Update doc link, Pycharm is no longer relevant or free to use.
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#01 fix a link error from lsk 4.4 to 4.9
#03 remove lsk 4.1 from active
#04 remove lsk 4.1 from active form
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[DIFF] 16:53 Info [email protected] [1-5] #01 Delete links to deleted platform port pages.
#02 Remove link to deleted "topic branches" page.
#03 Replace outdated sourceforge wiki links with a single reference to current github wiki.
#04 Delete link to (deleted) UEFI/Architecture.
[DELETED] 16:52 Info [email protected] Page was mostly documenting ancient version requirements.
[DIFF] 15:20 Info [email protected] Bring information up to date.
[DELETED] 14:54 Info [email protected] Very outdated information. Superseded by OpenPlatformPkg, superseded by edk2-platforms.
[DELETED] 14:36 Info [email protected] Outdated - nothing ARM-specific remains.
[DIFF] 14:14 Info [email protected] Insert and "outdated content" header with pointers to more relevant documentation.


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