This document outlines an easy way to create a new boot.scr file if you don't want to run linaro-media-create.

boot.scr is created by a boot script file. If you have one of these you can use mkimage to create your boot.scr file. If you want to base your boot script off a boot.scr and don't have the original source, you should be able to create the file from boot.scr with:

#NOTE: the path to your boot.scr might be different (ie /media/boot)
dd bs=1 skip=72 if=/mnt/boot.scr of=/tmp/boot.script

#now backup the original boot.scr:
cp /mnt/boot.scr /mnt/boot.scr.bak

After editing boot.script to have the contents you want, you can generate your boot.scr with:

mkimage -A arm -T script -C none -n "My Boot.scr" -d /tmp/boot.script  /mnt/boot.scr


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