As part of the 1109 release the Multimedia WG undertook the task of creating sample test content in various formats - as found in samplemedia.linaro.org. Our package for 1109 includes some short versions of media samples generated from original files on http://www.bigbuckbunny.org - it's Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licensed. We added BigBuckBunnyAttribution.txt to declare the license of the contents. The package is release ready, and it seems good enough with respect to the upstream license and the original copyright holders when redistributing content.

However, it was pointed out that before we distribute any CC contents we need TSC approval. There was a particular question raised for the MPEG-4 Visual format since this FAQ hosted on microsoft.com states: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/licensing/mpeg4faq.aspx#MPEG4VideoFAQ_2_1

  • "However, in the case of video that is delivered via the Internet to a user without charge, no royalties are payable during the first term of the license (ending December 31, 2008), but you still need to obtain the license."

So here is the complete list of codec combinations for the sample media in the package we aim to release for 1109:

A. content with video and audio:
MPEG4 we use MPEG4+MP3 in AVI container
MPEG2+MPEG1 layer2 in MPG file
H264+AAC LC in MP4 file
VC1+WMA3 in ASF file
VP8+Vorbis in WEBM file

B. contents with audio only:
AMR Narrow band
MPEG1 layer3

Can we have the TSC's approval to release this material? Please let us know if there is some more information we need to provide to handle this release,

Best regards,

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