You have a logo or set of logos that you'd like to use in your own custom image. Here's a very quick howto on placing that logo on the wallpaper (background) and or as a boot splash.

uboot bootsplash

uboot has the ability to load a boot splash nearly immediately after uboot is loaded. The directions can be found here and the Linux kernel directions.

At this time it would appear that you have to have an image of less than or equal to 225 colors, in PNG format and load that image from NAND flash.

plymouth bootsplash

Plymouth is a tool to display a image and essentially hide the potentially copious textual output from the linux kernel. Plymouth does this by first having a base package and then uses a theme to decide what will be displayed to the screen. These themes can contain animations as well as text in the case that an error occurs on bootup.

A simple Linaro theme which displays the Linaro logo on bootup can be found in this bzr repository.

More complicated themes can be found by looking directly at the plymouth source code which can be found here.


The ubuntu-wallpapers package contained in the ubuntu archive contains a collection of images that my be used as the image displayed behind all desktop icons and so on.

The ubuntu-desktop LEB is hardwired to use the warty-final-ubuntu.png file as it's initial default background image.

The easiest thing to do is replace warty-final-ubuntu.png with your own PNG file to get your own image. Then increment the version of the package and rebuild.

dch -i   #updates the change log and allows you to increment the version
debuild -S -sa
pbuilder build ubuntu-wallpapers_0.32.1.1-1linaro1.dsc  #note the version, yours will be different

The built binary debs can be found in /var/cache/pbuilder/result


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