Dave Martin <dmart>

Activity Summary

  • Reviewing of Pawel's versatile express patches and related discussions


  • Move miscellaneous outstanding DT issues (bindings, drivers) forward.

Work Items


  • Review Pawel Moll's multi coretile support updates: DONE


(none planned)

Niklas Hernaeus <nhe>

General activity

  • Uart works for dt, but not quite as it is supposed to. Need to add dt

to a

  • general uart file.
  • Preparing DT report for Knowledge sharing session. 40% done.
  • Presented Linaro Connect report for STE Competence group.


  • Make detailed plans for the work items.
  • Make the dt uarts work as it is supposed to.
  • Start work on dt i2c.
  • Also, MMC must be included in the blueprints, somewhere at the top,
    • below i2c.
  • Preparing a Linaro collaboration tools session. (irc, mumble, etherpad,
    • blueprints, rypple) 20% done. Date and form not set.

    Shawn Guo <shawn.guo@freescale.com>

Device Tree

  • Reviewed Grant's clock DT binding series
  • Converted imx6 clock code to Mike's pre-v3 common-clk series and
    • device tree binding. (a big RFC patch)
  • Suggested change '#clock-cells' design to make the users a little
    • bit easier

Consolidation and cleanup

  • Tested rmk's restart work for mxs
  • Tested Sascha's mx5-merge series on imx6q, imx53 and imx51. With
    • this series, we can build single zImage for imx3, imx5 and imx6.


  • Collected fixing patches for imx6 and mxs, and sent them to Arnd
    • for next -rc.


  • Post mc13892 regulator DT patches based on Rajendra's series v5

Thomas Abraham <thomas-ab>


  • Submitted initial version of gpio/pin-ctrl/pin-mux driver for internal review.
  • Working on device tree support for i2s driver.


  • Complete the device tree support for i2s driver. === Misc ===
  • Leave on 18th (Friday) and 21st (Monday) November.

Venkatraman S (svenkatr)

  • Was off partly due to TI internal activities.


  • Understand requirements for eMMC4.5 implementation - studying specifications
  • Review patches on Packed CMD implementation on mmc mailing list
  • Testing of patches for preventing merges across erase block sizes for low-end flash devices


  • Test and post patches for the above activity
  • Continue study of eMMC4.5 features and UFS

John stultz <johnstul@us.ibm.com>


  • Added EARLYSUSPEND to linaro+android defconfigs
  • Made final 11.11 linaro+android release
  • After being nudged by Thomas, sent out first draft of a large patchset

reworking some of the timekeeping locking.

  • Reviewed and acked sched_clock overflow fix.
  • Helped with Android Image testing for 11.11 release
  • Submitted config fragment management script to akpm and it was

included into the -mm tree.

  • Revised madvise volatile patchset a few times preping for lkml

discussion. Got some good feedback that made me think it would be better to rework the patch to use fadvise instead of madvise. Started efforts to convert the interface over.


  • Finish madvise->fadvise conversion, do one last cleanup and send to lkml.

  • Take another pass at the timekeeping locking for Thomas.
  • Push queued patches for 3.3 to Thomas.


  • None

Mounir Bsaibes

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