Shawn Guo <>

Device Tree

  • Added device tree support for imx6 clock based common-clk-v3 series
    • and Grant's device tree binding series (RFC).
  • Addressed Sascha's comments on imx6 clock DT support.
  • Added mc13892-regulator device tree support based on Rajendra's
    • series which has been applied on regulator/for-next.

Consolidation and cleanup

  • Reviewed Mike's common-clk-v3 series.


  • Collected mxs saif-recording patches.

Niklas Hernaeus <>

General activity

  • Prepared DT for knowledge sharing session.
  • Knowledge sharing session on DT.
  • Further planning for DT on Snowball.

Rajendra Nayak <rnayak>


  • Regulator core DT support patches pulled in by Mark Brown.
    • Pushed to linux-next.
  • Posted v2 of omap-serial DT support series with all outstanding
    • issues fixed.
  • Working on pinconf support (pull up/down configuration) for OMAP
    • based on the latest v3 pinconf-core support series from LinusW. Should have patches out early this week.
  • Working on moving the omap clock data into DT based on the latest
    • clock bindings from Grant. Mike Turquette already has a port of omap clock framework to use common clock infrastructure.


  • Repost TWL regulator support. (Still waiting for a repost of omap
    • i2c/twl DT support patches)
  • Work on pinconf/pinmux support for OMAP and align with Tony who is
    • working on moving the data into DT and creating function/pin-gp information dynamically.
  • Other driver DT support for OMAP.

Dave Martin <dmart>

Activity Summary

  • Reviewing of Pawel's versatile express patches and related discussions
  • Proposed a more unified approach for manipulating instruction opcodes
    • inside the kernel in the presence of multiple ISA and endianness cofigurations.
  • Started to sketch out a unified unwind/backtrace interface for the
    • ARM kernel (or, possibly, the whole kernel) in response to upstream discussions regarding ftrace -- ftrace doesn't support unwind tables, but really there should be a unified interface so nobody has to care.
  • Reported a couple of binutils bugs


  • Move miscellaneous outstanding DT issues (bindings, drivers) forward.

Work Items

John Stultz


(Out sick thursday and friday, so a slow week overall)


  • Release 11.11 kernel
  • Finish creating new blueprints
  • Work with Mounir on finishing cleaning out old blueprints from 11.05

and 11.11 cycle

  • Find all my receipts and do expenses for ELC + LC
  • Continue creation of new roadmap cards

Travel/Time Off

  • US Turkey Eating Holiday this Thursday and Friday, half day off Wed.
  • Linaro holiday: Dec 26 - Jan 2

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