[Administrative stuff]========================

* Biweekly mumble chat is on for tomorrow (Weds) at 10am PST on mumble/irc
* I'm out on vacation Thurs/Friday


* Continued good progress on this issue!
* Saw Greg pulled in a number of the pending changes. Did the last few patches get settled?
* Looks like the ftrace changes are still a little bit of a moving target (just saw your changes to address Steven's thoughts).
* Most of this is queued for 3.6. ftrace changes seem to be on the edge?
* Anton: Is this assessment about right?

[fiq debugger]====================================

* Second iteration went out on the list friday.
* Anton got some good feedback on concerns from Colin.
* Looks like another iteration to limit modification commands and possibly make the escape seq configurable is in the works
* Anton: Any other updates here?


* Just finished up leapsecond merge & backports. Will be ramping back up on this next week.
* Hoping to get to restart my attempt at adding the volatile lru list in the VM.
* Need to get actual usage stats from Android environment & get back to Dimitry

[keyreset upstreaming]==============================

* Mathieu: How are things going here? What's your planned approach? Anything blocking you or anything you need help with?
* Targeting 3.7

[etm upstreaming]============================

* Got a number of items I need to follow up on from Linus
* Haven't had a chance to get to them.
* Need to align w/ Deepak and the other ETB work going on w/ linaro

[Lowmemory killer]===============================

* Still stalled. Some larger hand-wavy VM discussion started back up on list.
* Slipped, now targeting 3.7


* Pinged Colin and San again on my mmc conversion.
* Still mostly backlogged waiting on new Android userland
* Having a chat with Zach tomorrow to see if there's anything Linaro can do here.

[monotonic evdev]=================================

* No updates, waiting for new android userland
* Having a chat with Zach tomorrow to see if there's anything Linaro can do here.

[adb/ android usb gadget device]=======================

* No update this week.  Backlogged for now.

[alarmtimer mending]==========================

* Backlogged timerfd instead of the /dev/alarm work still pending

[Interactive cpu-freq gov]=======================

* Still backlogged
* interactive vs ondemand testing and analysis still pending.

* Spent a little time last week forward porting earlysuspend shims for compatability w/ available userland

IRC log

 * if meeting was on IRC

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