Linaro Kernel Bug Workflow

New Bug Triage

On Monday of each week the Linaro Kernel package maintainer does bug review/triage on all current Linaro kernel bugs. Valid new bugs will usually fall into one of three categories: packaging, platform specific, platform neutral.

  • Bugs like missing CONFIG_XXX options and the like are packaging issues will be assigned to the package maintainer.
  • Bugs that only occur on one platform will be assigned to that platform landing team or a designated person on that team.
  • Bugs that are platform neutral will be assigned to the Kernel Working Group (KWG) or to a designated person on the KWG.
    • Currently the KWG will handle the bugs assigned to it on voluntary basis, based on the bug area, a team member expert in that area may step up to handle.
    • In the future if this voluntary method fails, the KWG will rotate team assignment, ach team member will handle kernel bugs for a period of time.
  • Bugs that are not valid or obviously are missing enough info will be labled invalid or incomplete with the expectation that the original submitter will follow up.
  • Bugs that need confirmation on HW that is not available to the Kernel package maintainer will be handed off to someone with the HW. This will likely be a landing team member.

Existing Bug Review

In addition to triaging new bugs the Linaro Kernel package maintainer will review existing open bugs. Bugs that have not changed for more than (TBD time) will receive attention.

  • Bugs that need extra info will result in a gentle reminder to the person expected to provide that info.
  • Bugs that have been assigned but have not had any feedback from the assignee will result in a gentle reminder to the assignee.
  • Very old bugs (need to define that) will be marked invalid or incomplete.

Bugs Triage responsibility

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