Wed 23rd June 2010


  • Amit Kucheria (amitk)
  • Matt Waddel (mattman)
  • Nicolas Pitre (npitre)
  • Jeremy Kerr (jk)
  • Eric Miao (ericm)


Action Points

  • ericm to move those work items not completable this cycle to next one
  • amitk to get the power management spec from ARM

Action Points from Previous Meeting

  • jk to send out call for help on ALSA device-tree work.
  • lool will contact Will to discuss if this needs back porting.
  • lool to talk to IS about getting clone support.
  • npitre to briefly look into git configuration on IS behalf. lool may need to investigate further if no answer can be found.
  • npitre to add a text file to the git tree explaining where and what has been merged into the consolidation kernel tree.
  • npitre to produce a wiki page describing his git kernel tree and the policies and procedures for merging.
  • amitk to discuss the lack ARM comments so far with slangasek
  • npitre to use the Linaro tool chain to see if the issue persists.
  • lool to invite John Rigby to future kernel Work Group calls to discuss the uboot and boot interface in general


  • dt-on-arm, jk will send email to Nico to reivew the patches, currently for versatile and imx51 boards. Lorenzo is working on versatile and jk on imx51. Currently discussing with Grant on DT work on OMAP, not ready for merge yet.
  • clk-api, jk submitted another revision, comments, should be ready for merge
  • single-arm-kernel, ericm has submitted several patches to cleanup the mach/io.h to the mailing list, and is still working on the other cleanup of the conflicting header files
  • versatile a9, mattman has set the board up, not booting with our rootfs (booting with the rootfs downloaded from website though)
  • mattman is working on u-boot porting, the version came with the board is old, updating it to mainline u-boot, even work with the uboot-next, single arch for ARMv7
  • amitk sent out an email to call for a list of 4-5 boards that we will test internally with linaro images, considering availability and costs
  • amitk talked with TI about the OMAP4 support in Linaro tree, 2.6.34 no plan to move to 2.6.35 until in Aug
  • PM in progress (amitk)
  • nico has submitted the security patches, no comments so far, will ask Russell to merge
  • nico wrote some testing kernel modules for the gcc stack protector feature, gcc failed and need to figure out why

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