This month's meetings

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Morning Attendees

  • Paul McKenney: X

  • Arnd Bergmann: X
  • Per Forlin: X
  • Mian Yousaf Kaukab: X
  • John Rigby:
  • Steve Sakoman: X
  • Mounir Bsaibes: X
  • Lee Jones: X
  • Dave Martin: X
  • Nicolas Pitre: X

Evening Attendees

  • Eric Miao:
  • Jeremy Kerr:
  • John Stultz:
  • Jason Hui:
  • Shaju Abraham:
  • Anand Gadiyar:
  • Paul E. McKenney:


Action Items

  • To be added.

Action Items from Previous Meetings

  • Arnd, Per, Mian, Steve Sakoman: Get together on Flash work. [Not yet.]
  • Per: Push 5500 Flash-related configuration code (this week or next week). [Done.]
  • Mian: Push PIO driver to mainline staging tree. [Done. Next step to publish externally after acks.]
  • Steve Sakomen: Submit the five uboot patches along with any required fixups. [Done.] Check on uboot -next. [Still pending.]
  • All: Verify contact information in and

  • Nico: Complete wiki page on Linaro tree policy [Pending], push patches [Done].
  • Carry Over
    • Set a plan handle continuity of Steve's work - Paul/Steve/Loic [Pending]
    • Loic to dig through the blueprints to see which one has u-boot work in them - Loic
    • Loic to talk to other groups to handle kernel testing - Loic
    • Complete blueprints specification - All [Good progress, some left.]
    • Weekly udpates sent to Loic and Paul - All [Much improved.]
    • John Stultz will be contacting John Rigby on info/guidance on building Android - John
    • John Stultz, Jason, Paul: Finish K6 blueprints/specs.
    • Anand: Finish K8 kexec blueprints/specs. [Progress]


  • Paul McKenney: Updated K2.x blueprints based on excellent feedback from Dave and Nico. Worked K6.x blueprints with help from John and Jason. Completed blocked-task-list reorganization for RCU_TREE priority boosting, and started coding up changes needed to move from softirq to kthread. Possible RCU energy-consumption issue appearing on lightly loaded systems with modest numbers of CPUs: RCU prevents entry into dyntick-idle mode: Examining possible approaches.

  • Arnd Bergmann: Tool to measure SD cards, interesting results where writing zeros differs from writing ones. Working on this and similar anomalies. Current filesystem workings are not tuned well for SD devices. UDIFS doesn't work at all on SD devices. No filesystem respects alignment nor uses special erase functions, for example, nor do they obtain special information on SD device. First doing non-destructive tests, later tests that actually write to the device. ST-Ericsson review: getting contacts on some of the special hardware to get up to speed on device function. Found a case of excessive copy-and-paste, gaining unneeded abstraction layers not yet needed for this non-ARM Unicore architecture. Will be at Siemens Linux Developer meeting in Munich Wednesday and Thursday, will be presenting on Linaro.
  • Per Forlin: Mainlined Flash support, available in, also taken into the linux-arm-kernel tree. Q: 2.6.37 track in Linaro tree? Nico: Not yet, to be created when 2.6.37 is released. However, current Linaro tree is tracking 2.6.37 RC series fairly closely. Linaro tree is not a development tree, but rather an integration tree. It is best to get things upstream first, or at least have them posted on the relevant mailing list and preferably accepted into the relevant maintainer tree. Taking Friday off.
  • Mian Yousaf Kaukab: Implemented USB transceiver driver as drivers/usb/otg. Cleaning up MUSB BSP for 8500 crossover code. Gadget code sent out for internal ST-Ericsson review, will post publicly after resolved. Next tasks: (1) USB only in PIO mode: need DMA support. (2) Benchmarking USB code. Will start with DMA support, then do benchmarking.
  • John Rigby:
  • Steve Sakoman: Attended Forum most of last week, the upstream nature of Linaro was mentioned, lots of Yocto presence, whichi will contain a Linaro layer. Posted the five uboot patches to the list, built and tested the first two on all available platforms. Need additional testing, especially on big-endian platforms such as PowerPC. Possible Jury duty.
  • Mounir Bsaibes: Reviewing status. A few specifications and blueprints not yet complete, status lagging on some. Working on new-members page, see below for URLs. Need feedback and git trees. Copy Mounir on status. Paul to put US 800 number on invitation (according to Nico, the Canada 800 number might work in the US).
  • Lee Jones: ST-Ericsson Landing team going well. Finding problems, getting fixes. Waiting on some fixes from internal ST-Ericsson teams. Currently relying on to-be-written functionality. Team is under NDA, so can pull some patches from internal teams prior to upstreaming. Some issues with source-tree organization within ST-Ericsson, which is being resolved by having a single tree that functionality is added to via topic branches.
  • Dave Martin: Thumb 2 work progressing. A couple of patches to be merged into 2.6.36 tree, will send pull request to Nico. Additional patches in flight. Freescale BSP review progress, will sync up with Arnd. Holiday starting next week.
  • Nicolas Pitre: Document describing Linaro kernel, will publish on list and ask for comments. Patches to linaro-next kernel.

Dallas Sprint January, 2011 Who is attending

  • Paul McKenney: yes

  • Arnd Bergmann: yes
  • Per Forlin: waiting for approval
  • Mian Yousaf Kaukab:
  • John Rigby: ?
  • Steve Sakoman: No
  • Mounir Bsaibes: 2 days only
  • Lee Jones: No
  • Dave Martin: yes
  • Nicolas Pitre:
  • Eric Miao:
  • Jeremy Kerr:
  • John Stultz: yes
  • Jason Hui:
  • Shaju Abraham:
  • Anand Gadiyar:

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