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The intent of this document is guiding how to install Android LAVA test environment to your local PC, run it to your connected target board and view report through LAVA-server.


1) Install Android ADB to your PC. visit;

2) Connect USB cable to your target for ADB.

3) Connect Serial cable to your target for in/out command or log.

After, boot your target, you need to check if your adb installed and connected to your target successfully,

sudo adb devices

You can see the log below if your Android target connected successfully,

List of devices attached

Install LAVA environment to your PC

For testing your target only with pre-installed tests, just follow the instruction below or if you want to create your own test definition and test it, please refer to "For creating and test your own test definition".

First, you need to install needed tools from packages by doing below;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linaro-validation/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lava-dashboard
sudo apt-get install lava-dispatcher
sudo apt-get install bzr python-distutils-extra python-testtools python-parted python-yaml python-beautifulsoup python-wxgtk2.6
sudo apt-get install lava-android-test

You can also install "lava-test" for typical linux and Ubuntu environment as below;

sudo apt-get install lava-test

You can see what kinds of tests are pre-installed by;

sudo lava-android-test list-tests

Then you can see list of the tests;

LAVA: Installed tests:
LAVA: - Oxbench
LAVA: - android-Oxbenchmark
LAVA: - busybox
LAVA: - mmtest

Run LAVA tool

For running one of installed test, e.g.

sudo lava-android-test install 0xbench

Then, you can see what kinds test installed by

sudo lava-android-test list-installed

For running the test you've installed;

sudo lava-android-test run 0xbench

If the test finishes you can see a kind of log below;

LAVA: (stdout) W/Benchmark( 2772): File exists, delete /data/data/org.zeroxlab.zeroxbenchmark/files0xBenchmark
LAVA: (stdout) I/ActivityManager( 2057): Starting: Intent { cmp=org.zeroxlab.zeroxbenchmark/.Report (has extras) } from pid 2772
LAVA: (stdout) I/ActivityManager( 2057): Displayed org.zeroxlab.zeroxbenchmark/.Report: +281ms
LAVA: (stdout)
ANDROID TEST RUN COMPLETE: Result id is '0xbench1326244252.0'
LAVA: --End Operation:  Run test (0xbench)

For parsing the log as a file for the future report on LAVA-server;

sudo lava-android-test parse 0xbench1326244252.0 > your_log

For uninstall the test, you've installed before,

sudo lava-android-test uninstall 0xbench

For testing your own test definition

If you want to creat your own test and test it with "lava-android-test" then, you need to install development environment to use your own "lava-android-test" by doing below;

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv
virtualenv lava-android-test-env
. lava-android-test-env/bin/activate
bzr branch lp:lava-android-test
cd lava-android-test

Then add your own test under "lava-android-test/lava-android-test/test_definition/your_test" and modify the by "vi lava-android-test/" and add the line below to

include lava_android_test/test_definitions/your_test/*

Then, run

python install

And then, use your own "lava-android-test" under "lava-android-test-env/bin/".

View LAVA report through LAVA-server

You already have "your_log" if your test ran successfully and got a log by "sudo lava-android-test parse". Now for putting the result to dashboard in the server;

lava-dashboard-tool put --dashboard-url your_log

If it put succssfully, you can see a log like;

Stored as bundle aa2fb1504a88dac85e6601da81a321e9e44c2792

And then visit and you can see your report by coming to the menu;

LAVA>>Dashboard>>Bundle Streams >> Bundles in /anonymous/your_log


(1) Lava Documentation



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