The Linaro Graphics WG has scheduled daily graphics test jobs, allowing the Landing Teams and the Platform team to quickly identify problems and regressions related to the graphics stack.

Daily test job submission

The jobs are submitted daily using the Jenkins infrastructure. The Linaro Graphics WG job names start with 'linaro-gfx', so they are easy to identify (e.g. , you must be logged in to see job details).

The job submission is performed by using the script, which uses a template file as a base for creating the final job definition. The template is filled in with various information, which is either taken from command-line options (e.g. xsession to use, device etc) or discovered automatically (e.g. URLs for the latest stable ubuntu-desktop rootfs and hwpack for the requested device).

The script and the default template file are kept in the scripts directory of the linaro-graphics-tests project:

Linaro Graphics Dashboard

The Linaro Graphics Dashboard aims to provide intuitive visualization of the information produced by the daily graphics test jobs.

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